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Random observations for the day

– Gossip of the day: Minister of Agriculture, Kipruto Kirwa, is supposedly building a “ridiculous” house in Karen i.e. ridiculous even by NARC new money standards. Will work on trying to obtain photographic evidence.

– The referendum campaigns keep heating up with reports of violence when the “Yes” campaigners landed in Garissa today…they were forced […]

Random observations for the day

In a rush…

– Ati there used to be a local wine called MEDUSA, which apparently stood for Mengi Duniani Sahau (complete with a picture of Medusa on the bottle)…I thought that was hilarious. Does anyone remember this?

– Quote of the day. Murungaru to Musyoka on his “No”/Orange stance, “You don’t even have to […]

Random observations for the day

– My local cybercafe has Mozilla installed on it’s computers. I almost hugged them seeing that my internet surfing habits are ADD-ish and having seven Explorer windows open at one time just doesn’t cut it.

– Before I get some negative comments from someone who’s affliated with the KCCT, turns out that they do […]

Random Thoughts of the day

So I’ve been attending a conference all week at the Kenya Communications of Technology. There are four computers available for use by conference participants who want to check their email, surf, etc…what’s very disturbing to me is that this has to be the slowest connection I’ve experienced in Kenya in years and this is supposed […]