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What is ailing Kenyan journalism?

Gukira’s post on the amnesia of Kenyan press is very thought-provoking. He raises a very important question: “We have long complained that the Western press presents “rubbish stories,” indifferent to “real issues.” Is the Kenyan press no less complicit?”

I think the Kenyan press is no less complicit and it is time that they […]

In London…

First I want to know why getting a UK visa is such an ordeal. This place is grey, miserable, and freaking EXPENSIVE. I’m almost scared I’ll be charged to breathe. For real. I think every tourist visiting Kenya should be made to go through the ordeal that Kenyans go through.

Then Kibaki has managed […]

Kibaki wakes up…finally.

I’m sure you’ve all read about the sackings by now. I’m reading the political tea leaves like everyone else so I have nothing much to add to this. By the way, after recently moaning about poor standards of journalism in the major newspapers, I’m really feeling Macharia Gaitho, his analysis on the Cabinet sackings is […]

Post-referendum doze..

Tried to blog yesterday, but all the cyber-cafes in my neighborhood were closed. Trying to grab a matatu home before it gets dark so this is rushed.

– First, I will echo everyone who has commended Kenyans for voting peacefully and continuing the trend towards maturity as a democracy…it was funny reading all the […]

Voting day…news from the ground.

So, D-day is finally here. This has been democracy in action…all the ugliness of the campaign process aside. I didn’t get to vote, much to my disappointment, because I was still in the U.S when the voter registration period ended. I was an official observer though, so I did get a “taste” of the voting […]

Random observations for the day

– Did you know that the number of matatus on the road has increased by 54% since the introduction of the infamous Michuki rules…so much for those who predicted that the industry would grind to a halt.

– Should human rights activists be banned from running for political office – what the hell […]

Random observations for the day

– I’ve ranted about Jeffrey Sachs and his grandiose ideas before, but watching him wax poetically on poverty and Africa on CNN the other day got me all riled up again. Why does this man (and his ideas) have more access to MY government than I do? Can someone please point me to a ONE […]

Random observations for the day

– Hebu please update your blogrolls with the new URL. Thanks to those who have done so already.

– Gossip of the day: Supposedly, few Telkom Kenya folks were sad to see former MD John Waweru leave, he was apparently cutting all sorts of deals with the sons of one John Michuki. Let’s hope the […]