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Public lecture on sexual minority rights in Kenya

UHAI and Akiba Uhaki in conjunction with KHRC, GALCK, YWLI, UAF-A, KLSS and CREAW invite you to:
A public lecture on sexual minority rights (Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Rights) in Kenya
Keynote Speaker: Professor Makau W. Mutua
Venue: Alliance Francaise
Date: 16 February 2010
Time: 4-6pm
RSVP: info@uhai-eashri.org, info@akibauhaki.org, 0722 659 346

5 comments to Public lecture on sexual minority rights in Kenya

  • Why r gays trying to force this stuff down African’s throats? Can’t the West respect that African culture largely says no to this kind of thing? Yes its been there,but majority of African’s dont condone it..cultural imperialism. I for one say a big NO! Its my right after all. Western educated Africans leave the country and come back so brainwashed..swallow Western ways wholesale. I know gay people but if they asked me I would tell them straight up I don’t agree with their lifestyle.

  • What appalling and ignorant comments (itsfrmthewestsoitsgood)! No one is trying to force any stuff down the throats of Africans. You speak of/for Africans as if we are in some way underdeveloped that we can’t decide matters for ourselves. Shame on you. The gay issue is about tolerance and protecting the rights of sexual minorities. From your comments you obviously have a shallow grasp of what human rights are, it’s actually embarrassing if not scary.

    You don’t have to agree with the ‘lifestyle’ but at least be grown up enough to accept that what consenting adults decide to do together should not be anyone else’s business. Let there be a debate and be honest with yourself if you come to it.

    (Ory, I’m sorry to rant on your space, but eh….!!)

  • A public lecture? That’s such an old-fashioned method of education where very little learning happens. We should employ more advanced thinking not only on gay issues but also on learning methods.

  • The Lecture was great. Even if some people tried to shoot down the don by giving religious based remarks, it was good. Yes, itsfromthewestsoitsgood is right. Its your right to say what you feel. However as Tamaku says, the issue here is that they are human. Whether you like them or not doesnt make them any less human. Thus the need to protect them as is.

    I rest my case.

  • sehemu_nyeti

    I’ve always suspected this makau guy to be queer