My panel session at GK3

I’m in transit in Doha on the way back to Joburg. I haven’t had a chance to blog about my panel (for those who asked), so I’ll instead link to Nancy White from Full Circle who did a great job of liveblogging the session.

I was kicked off the BBC World debate on the [...]

KP on Canadian Radio

Was interviewed last week for a neat radio show (and not just because they had me on!) called Spark, check it out.

African blog spotlight

Africaincorp: smorgasboard of Africa related links.

AOB: ODM-Kenya (not sure if this is the official site) links to Mzalendo…hhmm.

DCI Blogging Indaba – some (final?) thoughts

Apart from a few smart-ass remarks on my blog, I have largely avoided any commentary on the controversy (and rather stimulating debate) surrounding Blogging Indaba. Why is this? Because like I said before, I have little time for polemics (let alone time to regularly blog anymore) and I’d rather focus my energy on changing [...]

Blogging Indaba concluding thoughts etc.

OK, so my plans for thoroughly blogging from Grahamstown pretty much fell apart mostly due to the fact that I spent more time doing what all conferences (conspiracies against African bloggers notwithstanding ) are good for – meeting people (including the African internet Bismarcks and Leopolds…I can report that the African blogosphere survived any attempts [...]

Blogging Indaba Post 2

Couldn’t blog Ethan’s great opening talk, because I was finalizing my presentation, but will link to the slides shortly. You can also get updates and get pictures at the conference blog –

The first panel was the South African editor’s forum panel, featuring Chris Roper and Bryan Porter ( – I use this website [...]

Blogging Indaba Post 1

Rule Number 1 of hosting a blogging conference = make sure that the conference room has internet connectivity (those of you who I expect to put your money where you mouth is and start planning the African blogging conference that you want to see (polemics does nothing for Africa ) – take note).

The [...]

Global Voices Sub-Sahara Africa Regional Editor

Global Voices Online (, an international bloggers’ network, is looking for an experienced blogger to take on the role of Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Editor which involves coverage of the vast diversity of countries and cultures across the region.

This is a part-time position with modest compensation, for somebody who is passionate about helping to amplify [...]