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KP on Canadian Radio

Was interviewed last week for a neat radio show (and not just because they had me on!) called Spark, check it out.

4 comments to KP on Canadian Radio

  • Excellent! A true blogging superstar.

    By the way, the new features on Mzalendo are a very nice addition.

  • Nice interview. Bono represents me?! ! The incredulity in your voice…….priceless.

    Daud El Rude ( 一種語言永遠不夠)

  • How fun to hear your real voice, not only the voice in my head as I read. It’s great Spark tells people to go to Afrigator to find African blogs. You were great on air!

  • Neat KP!. Feeling you on the change happening person to person level as opposed to govts. (Attended the UN meeting on climate change and had to struggle with intense cynicism on what change can be affected by leaders.)