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Mau Mau Film Festival in Nairobi

Details available here.

New kind of electricity meter

This is pretty nifty. The soaring cost of electricity in SA has made me a turn off the lights Nazi at home. And maybe I can finally convince my mum that the TV does not need to be unplugged from the wall after its been turned off.

Violence in Kenyan high schools

In the last few days Kenyan headlines have been dominated by reports of increasing levels of violence and riots in high schools. Things appear to have reached a crisis point with the obligatory formation of a “committee” to investigate the cause of the riots. According to some news reports, students are responding to rumours that […]

Why has no one arrested Ntimama yet?

The incriminating clip can be watched here.

Where is Alfred-full-page-color-press-ad-against-war-criminals Mutua? Not to mention politicians from both sides? This is the kind of loose talk that will get the country into trouble a few months from now.

Don’t the police have nothing better to do rather than arrest and beat up activists (before they […]

Did anyone else catch this?

Apparently Ntimama was caught on tape making threats regarding the Mau eviction order. Anyone else catch this?

Interesting perspective on ICC indictments

I didn’t know that all 12 of the indictments issued by the ICC have targeted Africans (do we really have a monopoly on atrocities?). On a more serious note, I think the article raises some serious issues. Lets face it…while we all like to pat ourselves on the back for “removing” Moi in 2002, there […]

Google launches Africa blog

Click here for details.

Kwani Litfest website is up

Should be a great event, featuring writing workshops, book launches, top African writers and so much more. Click here for more details.