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Civil society members arrested for protesting MP bonus

Click here for details.

[EDIT] One of KP’s readers has left a comment that I’m inclined to agree with no matter how strongly I feel about the need to vocally challenge our MPs shenanigans, the protesters should have formally alerted the police (Wanyiri Kihoro claims they did though, is this right or wrong?)…two wrongs […]

Local techies in the news

Today’s Business Daily (which is actually quite a good read, unlike it’s cousin the Nation which has become just as mediocre as the Standard) featured two well-written stories on local techies.

First story is on Mama Mikes (Seg, loving the shirt si you hook me up), a business that’s a great example of what […]

Quick Hits

– Challenges of getting Africa connected. What about an alternative (be sure to read the comments as well)? I’m just curious why I don’t see much attention on efforts to bring electricity to all African homes….well first, are there even focused efforts? If not, what’s the hold up?

– Nice gem from Benn Loxo […]

African Content Projects

I’m a huge proponent of building and showcasing our local (African) content rather than bitching up a storm about how neglected we are…here’s two opportunities to do so.

First, the African Cookbook Project launched by the indefatigable Fran Osseo-Asare at TED Global. Please hop over and find out how to contribute…you know when you […]

Cuteness personified

Gabi_Cute Originally uploaded by ateka.

She’s 20 weeks today, this was taken about a week and a half ago.

For the other new mums who want details (and let me know if my mini foray into mommy blogging is helpful)…we’ve been doing solids for about 3 weeks, new guidelines from the experts […]

Quick hits

– Get your blog on at the Carnival for Africa Enterprising (deadline for submissions is tonight!).

– New website called Sambazanow that allows you to send mobile phone airtime to your people in Kenya (apparently cheaper than Mama Mikes).

Mobile Phone Apps

Hash at White African is a huge advocate for developing mobile phone apps to overcome the access challenge, looks like more and more companies are taking that route. Two new apps I’ve just read about, Mobimii – social networking site that operates via mobile and phone Jump’s mobile search which allows you to check on […]