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CMA Regulatory Nightmare

Gosh, swamped at work…been to Kenya and back again since the last post and haven’t even had a chance to write about that. Was attending the opening of our office in Nairobi (of course the Nation got it wrong, it’s not 1 billion kshs investment funds, but the total commitment including the investment fund will […]

Quick Hits

– Hot on the heels on the lack of decent hotels in Nairobi is this piece on Paris Hilton’s trip to Rwanda. Let’s all get together and say a prayer for her to survive Africa.

– PC Magazine’s Top 100 blogs of 2007.

– Bankelele has a great post up on Nairobi town clerk […]

M-Pesa featured in the Christian Science Monitor

They expect to have 1 million customers by Jan 2008! Click here for the story.

KP on Canadian Radio

Was interviewed last week for a neat radio show (and not just because they had me on!) called Spark, check it out.

Entpreneurship Opportunity for Africans in Europe

“The World Bank Group and its partners announce the Development Marketplace for African Diaspora in Europe (D-MADE) Grant Competition. The competition seeks innovative project ideas from entrepreneurial African diaspora in Europe that generate employment, business support, training and incomes for the poor and disadvantaged. Ten to 15 winners will receive grant funding up to $40,000. […]

Quick Hits

– Macharia Gaitho is on point as far as his assessment of Kibaki’s campaign vs. Raila’s campaign. If Kibaki doesn’t shape up, and all signs are that his campaign team still has their heads up their you-know-where (and still hasn’t moved by the “how can we be ruled by a Luo” train of thought), he […]

How does this person get to be a travel writer?

Via Kenyanentrepreneur, what I wish was atypical but it is not…just outright biased writing when it comes to reporting on Africa ati Nairobi does not have one decent hotel???? Butler? Overflowing, impoverished population? Thank God for the well-meaning white folk who are in a tough struggle to save the giraffes.

Someone please get me a […]