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Quick Hits

– Macharia Gaitho is on point as far as his assessment of Kibaki’s campaign vs. Raila’s campaign. If Kibaki doesn’t shape up, and all signs are that his campaign team still has their heads up their you-know-where (and still hasn’t moved by the “how can we be ruled by a Luo” train of thought), he will lose the election and go down in history as becoming the first incumbent African president WITH a positive record / some tangible achievements to lose at the polls. The election campaign is beginning to look more and more like a replay of the referendum campaign as far as the tactics of the two sides (and unfortunately negative ethnicity)…and we all know how that went down.

– Speaking of elections, Jonathan Mueke, Westlands aspirant is profiled on Mzalendo. I was interested in his story, because he’s a young candidate who has embraced technology in his campaign…and has the guts to take on Gumo who has a propensity for winning elections by making guys get familiar with Karura forest (as one of my friends said when I was gushing about Mueke’s innovative campaign…”Yeah, but Gumo has a rungu.”)

– I’m sure this story about a Flickr and Creative Commons related lawsuit has been a hypothetical situation in a law school exam.

– Benga meets rock? There’s even an Obama song.

4 comments to Quick Hits

  • point5ive

    ‘incumbent African president WITH a positive record / some tangible achievements ‘
    Not sure if I agree with this statement you made …..

    Why not?

  • point5ive

    what tangible achievements ? Positive record…please !!

  • ”Yeah, but Gumo has a rungu.”

    Actually, I believe that should have read

    ”Yeah, but Gumo has an army of guys, each of whom has a rungu.”

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