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Taking a much deserved break for the next few days.

Will be part of the hordes of tourists descending on Cape Town.

The perks of living in Africa…Xmas holidays on the beach and no storos of sijui working until Dec. 23rd

Safaricom and shady recruiting methods?

A couple of months ago, I received a Safaricom recruiting email targeting “KTs” and promptly put it up on the blog. I never thought much about it after that.

Then today, I read Steve Ntwiga’s interesting post. It seems like Safaricom left a bad taste in at least one potential recruit’s mouth, and like Steve […]

Observation of the day

Via the Nation’s Cutting Edge: “The huge pay increase for the President is a mere campaign ploy aimed at next year’s poll, says Moses Maragia. According to him, this is meant to get the public to react to the move, which the President will then reject, as he is being urged to do in some […]

Racial preferences and U.S. law firms – my two cents

The New York Times recently featured an article that examined the high rate of attrition of black attorneys at major U.S. corporate law firms. The article referred to a study by Professor Sander, which attributed the phenomenon to the fact that many law firms lower their standards when hiring minority students. According to the study, […]

Quick Hits

First, to everyone who left comments on the Mama Mike’s post in response to my question on the entrepreneurship conundrum in Kenya – thanks! A post in response is cooking in the kitchen.

On to the links – Starbucks and Ethiopia in a coffee branding war.

– Google Maps and the equivalent of Netflix […]

Political idiocy exemplified

I rarely comment on Kenyan politics anymore, because the shenanigans keep reaching new heights of “you-gotta-be shitting-me!”

Once in a while, I’m drawn out of a my self-imposed ban by instances of “you-gotta-be-totally-fucking-shitting-me!”

Today’s violent dispersion of the ODM march is one of them.

I have little regard for the ODM. Maybe […]