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Local techies in the news

Today’s Business Daily (which is actually quite a good read, unlike it’s cousin the Nation which has become just as mediocre as the Standard) featured two well-written stories on local techies.

First story is on Mama Mikes (Seg, loving the shirt si you hook me up), a business that’s a great example of what […]

Mobile Phone Apps

Hash at White African is a huge advocate for developing mobile phone apps to overcome the access challenge, looks like more and more companies are taking that route. Two new apps I’ve just read about, Mobimii – social networking site that operates via mobile and phone Jump’s mobile search which allows you to check on […]

Building Apps for Mobile Phones

Ethan Zuckerman has an interesting post on, among other things, a project called EPROM that is trying to encourage people in developing nations to learn how to build applications for mobile phones. The project currently has a program running in Kenya (Kilifi and University of Nairobi).

Some slides from classes they run , including […]

Mama Mikes on You Tube

My good friend Seg has had an “interesting” time navigating the challenges of being a young entrepreneur in Kenya. It makes me very proud to see that he’s managed to avoid getting beat down (no easy task) and continues to stay innovative. Please check out the Mama Mike’s ad on YouTube and give them your […]

Quick Hits

I’m on the road so posting will be light until the end of next week…

– The KNCHR report on the referendum (which I worked on) is out, you can download it here.

– Interesting community wireless mesh model.

– Pioneering, microloans online – the Kiva story on PBS. (Hat tip Ethan!)



I’m still on my blogging drought (or is it blog-menopause? TM Nick 2006).

Cool link of the week: coCooment, tracks all your comments wherever you leave them online andtracks responses to your comments.

Why donor funded projects often suck. Wouldn’t it have been simpler / more sensible to just have the Ministry of Justice […]

Quick hits

– Hash get’s his manifesto published (Yeah!).

– For those people who are thinking about doing projects in Africa and Kenya in particular, please read this report by MIT students who were recently working on several projects. Why? First, it shows that you can have your cake AND eat it (M’s post notwithstanding). Being […]

Quick hits

– My new obsession – food blogs (I love cooking), among my favs The Cooks Cottage (via Global Voices and check out the blogroll as well).

– Nokia introduces local Nigerian languages as an option on their mobile phones. Nice.

– For the Mac geeks, 10 Essential Mac Apps. I’m a particular fan […]