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Quick hits

– Kenyan courts to FINALLY have stenographic services. About freaking time.

– Chinese as a second language?

– For the geeks, Roofnet, experimental 802.11 mesh network that will be used in conjunction with the One Laptop per child project. The software is open source and they have a great wiki.

– Google Calendar. […]

Quick hits

What did we used to do before RSS again???

– So Charles Taylor has been captured and that’s excellent news but I would have liked to see more balanced coverage of the story as far as Nigeria’s role. As Chippla points out, “Without a doubt, the Nigerian government was pissed off by such a move […]

Vote now!

Since we’re all about less ranting and more action, please put your mouse where your mouth is Target is 300 votes by April 20, as of this morning 56 people had voted. Let’s help make this happen.


Quick hits

Apologies for the blogging infrequency – combination of numerous deadlines and mindblock….

On to the link-a-rama.

– Parliament resumes tomorrow sans website, they can learn a thing or two from the Constituency Development Fund website which is rather impressive as far as Kenyan government websites go. – I keep saying it takes two to tango […]

Quick hits

– Geekcorps is looking for a few good geeks to work in Kenya.

– North Sea Jazz Festival coming to Nairobi next year. Neat.

– $100 laptop meets free wireless?

Quick hits

– You gotta listen to this guy’s music. Really.

– Wireless Networking in the Developing World. A practical guide to planning building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure. This is excellent, excellent, excellent. A quick review this initiative can be found here.

– Africa needs more people like this who are willing to think outside the […]


I’ve been too busy “nikijienjoy”this holiday season (and lazy) to blog, hopefully my brain will begin functioning sometime soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and wish y’all a prosperous new year. In the meantime, some cool geek stuff I’ve come across recently.

– Alexa: Think of it as a Google […]

Because I’m sick and tired of Kenyan politics…

…the Washington Post remixed, some neat African art, and when Google isn’t specific enough…”I want to….”