Quick hits

What did we used to do before RSS again???

- So Charles Taylor has been captured and that’s excellent news but I would have liked to see more balanced coverage of the story as far as Nigeria’s role. As Chippla points out, “Without a doubt, the Nigerian government was pissed off by such a move and seemed to say “come get him if you want him.” After all, the Nigerian president allowed Taylor to come live in Calabar as part of a [U.S brokered] deal to end the Liberian civil war. This is a fact that must not be overlooked in any discussion on the current state of Liberia. Had Charles Taylor not left Liberia, the civil war would not have ended at the time it did.”

- Newish and supposedly the biggest job-search database; it searches message boards as well.

- African women reshaping the continent.

- A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

- Wyclef Jean using his celebrity to do good in Haiti.

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