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Progress in Kenya ICT sector?

After numerous fits and starts, it looks like we could be making progress. A new initiative has been launched to make Kenya the ICT capital of Africa by 2010. Those of you who are based in the diaspora and are interested in participating in this initiative can join the diaspora task force.

The Ministry of Information website is also looking like it’s on the path to improvement. I guess that’s what happens when we have a switched on minister who doesn’t think that a mouse is a small panya :-)

Hat tip Martin M.!

8 comments to Progress in Kenya ICT sector?

  • this is good news ,seems the recent meetings have started bearing fruit .hopefully by then the fiber project will be completed and the current infrastructural hiccups w forgotten , lets just hope this doesnt turn out to be another white elephant in our backyard .

    however the min of information site is in a dire need of a make over , reminds me of the early days of the internet

    I’m succumbing to low expectations!

  • bankelele

    I must credit Dr. Mutua’s (gov. spokesman) office for souping up their website (for other reasons entirely) long before new minsiter arrived.

  • jonny

    good news – but i think we are missing something that we ar egood at – i.e biotech i mean we have KEMRI,KARI,ICRAF,ICIPE and they all do reseacrch for multinationals like monsanto, wellcome and even the USA army has researchers / kenyan researchers working for them. so why dont we build on this – also we should try to become a hub of basic science research – the US is coming short of scientist that are doing basic scienec reserach and we have a surplus of people doing basic sccienec degrees who end up being UT’s

  • erastus

    Those were good news. I wonder if they’re still goodas of now. However lets look at it in a different angle, I tend to believe we have serious programmers in kenya, but this is so shamful guys that no results show if you search for any s/ware makers in kenya nor are there forums where we can share things in a common language en as if that is not enough, no website in kenya ofers free hosting in kenya. so so bad. we are always hoping for better things.

  • 😀 Great idea and i think young talented jamas should take advantage of these. Programmers should now that kenya isnt supporting them so they have to use the max knowledge they have for their own protection if you know wat i mean and wait for the government to wake up. Kenya as far as i know has the best programmers in the world and have note been given the opportunity. All my Hi-tech or rather geeks are leaving the country because of politics and gov, stupidity and relying on western skilled labour. Cant the gorve ever see the breach in the countries operations and network? any way i have stuff to tickle. bye

  • Tesekkurler sampiyon on numaraspam olmus sayfa

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