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Look Ma I’m on TV!

So my natural instinct is to want to go off and run and hide somewhere because my Ted talk is finally up on TED’s website…I barely remember what I said, I was so nervous and ish…and its also very personal.

But I might as well enjoy my 15 mins of fame on the interwebs…maybe […]

TED Global Africa Talks are up

The first series of talks from TED Global have been posted, so you can now all see what we were raving about. Two of my favorites are up – Ngozi Okojo-Iweala’s nuanced summary of the themes that permeated the conference (best line – infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure) and William Kakwamba’s earnest story of his journey to […]

African Content Projects

I’m a huge proponent of building and showcasing our local (African) content rather than bitching up a storm about how neglected we are…here’s two opportunities to do so.

First, the African Cookbook Project launched by the indefatigable Fran Osseo-Asare at TED Global. Please hop over and find out how to contribute…you know when you […]

TED Global 2007 Musings: Session 1

My random musings….

– Euvin Naidoo: Good start…during his talk I was basically thinking -damn he has his speech memorized…I haven’t even finished my slides…I need to get my shit together. I’m also thinking all the stats he is citing about investing in Africa are great, but wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop […]

TED Global 2007 Musings

I really want to jump into this debate, but my thoughts on TED Global are long overdue and blogging time is short in supply. I’ll try and go through my (hopefully not so fuzzy) thoughts on each session using Ethan’s excellent recap.

Session 1

– It’s here! In October 2005, I was privileged to be […]