African Content Projects

I’m a huge proponent of building and showcasing our local (African) content rather than bitching up a storm about how neglected we are…here’s two opportunities to do so.

First, the African Cookbook Project launched by the indefatigable Fran Osseo-Asare at TED Global. Please hop over and find out how to contribute…you know when you leave home (read Kenya) even for a few weeks, after family you typically miss food the most (how many times have you dreamt about chapos, proper ugali and nyama choma, that ka-fried tilapia etc.)…so lets do our part to help record and preserve a critical part of who we are. An aside, wish we had more African cooking blogs, haven’t come across any new ones since I stumbled upon the wonderful Mirecipe.

Second, for the sheng speakers (I don’t think I qualify anymore, I belong to the sasa/fit/buda/mathree days that are almost certainly obsolete), please update the list of words on Wikipedia’s Sheng entry.

EDIT: Please check out African Writing for another great example of African content…just debuted and lots of great stuff there. Hat tip Sunrise!

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