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Notes from Kenya

Some tidbits I picked up during the few days I spent in Kenya…reminded me of how much I miss blogging from Nairobi…so many storos:

– Apparently Coke’s biggest competitor in Kenya is Safaricom – in the battle for disposable income Coke is losing – spend money on a soda or on buying credit? Guess […]

The Alchemist

This article cracked me up. I should have learned not to succumb to books that are way too popular after my underwhelming experience with the Da Vinci Code, but succumb to the Alchemist I did. After I finished reading the book, I couldn’t help but be upset that I’d wasted my limited casual reading time […]

Baby KP_16 weeks

IMG_Gabi_ Originally uploaded by ateka.

This was taken a little over a week ago. She’d spent the last few weeks insisting on sitting up, she seriously caused if you didn’t hold her sitting straight up…so I found a new use for the breastfeeding pillow a friend had given me and everyone was happy.


TED Global 2007 Musings: Session 1

My random musings….

– Euvin Naidoo: Good start…during his talk I was basically thinking -damn he has his speech memorized…I haven’t even finished my slides…I need to get my shit together. I’m also thinking all the stats he is citing about investing in Africa are great, but wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop […]

African fellows at Poptech

I’ve blogged about it several times, now you can watch or listen to the African fellows at Poptech (includes my attack on the interviewer :-)).

TED Global 2007 Musings

I really want to jump into this debate, but my thoughts on TED Global are long overdue and blogging time is short in supply. I’ll try and go through my (hopefully not so fuzzy) thoughts on each session using Ethan’s excellent recap.

Session 1

– It’s here! In October 2005, I was privileged to be […]

WTF Story of the Week

My mantra for Africa lately, which I repeated at TED Global, is that after all has been said and said again, we need action and we need to take responsibility for our continent’s future…Shikwati says to the West “Stop the aid, please!” I say to the Africans, “Stop the whining and pointing fingers, please!.” Instead […]

Mzalendo in the news

If you are in Kenya and didn’t catch us on KTN last night, Reuters Africa Journal’s feature on Mzalendo will be repeated this Saturday at 12:30pm.