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You can apparently fool Kenyans all of the time…

How else do you explain how Uhuru Kenyatta is getting away with his ridiculous traffic de-congestion plan? Only in Kenya, can you attempt to ease congestion in the CBD by banning public transport. This solution comes from a guy who’s never ever even dreamed of taking public transport.

Beyond the ridiculousness in logic, what […]

One more time, pretty please…

…vote for Ushahidi at Netsquared website. Last day to vote is Friday 21st March 5:00 pm Pacific US Time

For those of you who have already voted, please note that this is different from the number of stars that we have already picked up (thanks y’all).

Hash, has a very detailed explanation of the process. […]

Quick Hits: Mar 18

– Spitzer wants to be more than just a number…hehehe.

– Derrick Ashong in the New York Times.

– The Shikwekwes, an African ‘webcomic’.

– Interesting post by Ethan on transparency and corruption in Brazil. Speaking about public declaration of wealth by civil servants, what the hell is happening in Kenya? Wasn’t there a […]

Human Rights Watch Press Conference

What: Report release on organized political violence and the crisis of governance in Kenya Who: Ben Rawlence, Human Rights Watch Africa researcher When: Monday, March 17, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. Where: Stanley Hotel, Nairobi

Google East Africa Gadget Competition

Hat tip AfroM

The competition is open to university students in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Burundi.

The deadline for this is March 17th; so if you have some great ideas, you can still submit them for consideration. The categories/types of software gadgets and apps that they are looking for include: (1) Best Gadget […]

Now that I’m done gagging…

…I think some kind of active follow up with the Standard is necessary.

I have no problems with tabloid newspapers. In fact I regularly read them when I’m in Nairobi. I do have problems with a supposedly serious newspaper that has “tabloidish” tendencies – and I don’t think it’s not enough for us to […]

Excuse me while I gag…

I have yet another post cooking, but I need to go and grapple with dinner for a one-year old who will chew only certain foods, depending on her mood. So I’ll just put up these links and wonder how Kenyan newspapers are managing to outdo themselves when it comes to crappy, and yes, irresponsible journalism […]

Peace Messages on Easy FM

I know there are readers who have issues with my posting of “humanitarian” efforts, and who doubt the efficacy of these efforts, and who feel that what is needed is more “political” ways to engage the “people/masses.” I have a response cooking in my mind. In the meantime, I will keep the info. coming.