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Peace Messages on Easy FM

I know there are readers who have issues with my posting of “humanitarian” efforts, and who doubt the efficacy of these efforts, and who feel that what is needed is more “political” ways to engage the “people/masses.” I have a response cooking in my mind. In the meantime, I will keep the info. coming.

1 Minute message of peace beginning with self-introduction.

Suggested Topics:
1. Congratulate Kenyans for the power sharing agreement and the end of

2. Stress the importance of reconciliation and non-violence as the
nation begins to heal.

3. Encourage Kenyans to keep working for sustainable peace in their
communities and nation.

4. Express your dreams and hopes for Kenya in the future


Call EASY FM at + 254 20 251964 and ask for Sam or Davis

DATE: Saturday, March 8th
TIME: 4pm to 8pm Nairobi time i.e.
– 8am-noon US Eastern time
– 5am-9am US Western time
– 1pm-5pm London time

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