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DC People – Githongo speaks at CSIS

Prospects for Political Reform in Kenya

a discussion with

John Githongo

Kenyan anti-corruption campaigner

moderated by

William M. Bellamy

Director of the ACSS and former ambassador to Kenya

Friday, December 18, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

B1 Conference Room

Center for Strategic and International Studies

1800 K Street, NW Washington DC

Fresh from a six-month tour of Kenya, John Githongo will offer his insights into the political, electoral and constitutional reform process in his country and gauge prospects for stability in the run-up to presidential elections in 2011.

Please RSVP promptly to the CSIS Africa Program at africa@csis.org as space is limited.

2 comments to DC People – Githongo speaks at CSIS

  • Kenyan Revolutionary

    I attended a talk by Mr. Githongo in D.C when he “fled” Kenya and was seeking exile status in the U.K. After some research on him and his work…I do not believe it serves Kenya or him well to keep giving speeches at different locatiions around the world at the expense of the host, and at the sametime turnish the name of Kenya. If he is a true crusader like Maina Kai, Rev. Njoka, Late Bishop Munge among others he should do his work in Kenya. Yes there are risks, but those who have fallen knew that. We have many working hard and trying to end impunity and corruption in Kenya.

  • I am no longer excited by Githongo, as i used to in those days when he dealt with corruption head on. I am not sure wheather he is what for a very long time made us believe, a true champion in the war against corruption. His motivation was not to fight corruption after all, he was a man out to make a name for himself, and in all spheres he has failed. He should borrow a leaf from the likes of Okiya omtata.