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Ms. Ory Okolloh is the Policy Manager, Africa for Google.  She is a co-founder of  Ushahidi and served as the organization’s  Executive Director from inception until December 2010.    Ory is also the co-founder of Mzalendo, a website that tracks the performance of Kenyan Members of Parliament.
Ms. Okolloh graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, and with a J.D. from Harvard Law School.  She was previously a summer associate in Covington and Burling, Washington DC and a Chayes Fellow at the World Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity.

Ory is a frequent speaker at conferences including TED, World Economic Forum, Poptech, CGI, Techonomy, Mobile Web Africa, and the Monaco Media Forum on issues around citizen journalism, the role of technology in Africa, and the role of young people in reshaping the future of Africa.

Ory currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and her two daughters.This blog is outlet for her personal opinions, commentary, and “isn’t this cool” links. While this blog is primarily focused on Kenya, she reserves to write about whatever she wants.

Props to John Palfrey and Andrew McLaughlin for getting her going way back in 2003.

You can contact her here: kenyanpundit -at- gmail-dot-com

Karibuni! (Welcome!).

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  • The Importance of Omnichannel Support in Contact Centre Solutions
    In today’s hyperconnected world, consumers expect to interact with businesses seamlessly across various channels – a phone call, an email, or a live chat on a website. Gone are the days when a business could offer a single communication channel and expect to satisfy customer needs. This dramatic shift in consumer expectations has propelled the rise of omnichannel support in contact center solutions.
    The Rise of Omnichannel Support
    Omnichannel support breaks away from the traditional approach to customer service, where each communication channel exists in a silo. Instead, it encourages a seamless transition between multiple channels. The result? A streamlined experience where a customer’s conversation with a business can shift from one platform to another without any loss of context.

    The importance of implementing this omnichannel approach in contact centre solutions cannot be overstated – let’s delve deeper into the reasons why.

    Customer Expectations are Changing
    Modern customers expect immediate responses, personalized service, and the freedom to choose their preferred communication channel. With an omnichannel strategy in place, businesses can meet these expectations by offering a consistent and customized customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

    Imagine a scenario where a customer initiates a conversation via live chat and then needs to switch to a phone call. With omnichannel support, this transition is seamless, preserving all context from the previous interaction and eliminating the need for the customer to repeat information.

    Business Efficiency is Enhanced
    Integrating an omnichannel approach into contact centre solutions not only improves the customer experience, but it also significantly enhances business efficiency. Agents equipped with a single view of the customer’s journey can quickly access conversation history, allowing them to respond more accurately and swiftly. This efficiency can lead to reduced resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

    Competitive Advantage is Gained
    Businesses that invest in omnichannel support can differentiate themselves in a crowded market. By offering a superior customer experience, companies can foster brand loyalty and create advocates, leading to a positive word-of-mouth and increased customer retention.

    Data and Insights are More Comprehensive
    Omnichannel support provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions across all channels. This data-rich perspective allows businesses to better understand customer preferences, behaviors, and pain points. Consequently, this can inform strategy and decision-making processes, enabling organizations to improve products, services, and overall customer experience.

    What’s the Takeaway? The Need for Omnichannel Support is Clear
    In the digital transformation era, the need for omnichannel support in contact center solutions has become an absolute necessity rather than a mere option. It’s an investment that promises substantial returns – from elevated customer experience, improved business efficiency, and gained competitive advantage to insightful customer data.

    Businesses looking to future-proof their operations must consider adopting an omnichannel approach in their contact center solutions to meet and exceed the modern customer’s expectations. In doing so, they position themselves at the forefront of customer service, primed for success in today’s hyperconnected world.
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  • 3 Ways to Reduce Baby’s Colic
    Do you have a baby suffering from Colic? Colic is a condition that can cause extreme discomfort for your little one, with symptoms like excessive crying, flatulence, and abdominal pain. If your baby has colic, you’re probably desperate to find relief. Fortunately, you can help reduce their colic symptoms in a few ways. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing three of those methods. From dietary changes to massage techniques, you’ll be able to find something that works for your baby. You can quickly help your little one start feeling better with the right approach. Keep reading to learn more about reducing Colic in babies.
    Understanding colic
    Colic can be a perplexing and distressing condition for both parents and babies. Understanding Colic is essential in helping your little one find relief. Colic is often defined as excessive, inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy baby, usually lasting for at least three hours a day, three days a week, for three weeks or more. It typically occurs in infants between two weeks and four months.

    The exact cause of Colic remains a mystery, although several theories exist. Some experts believe it could be related to gastrointestinal issues, such as trapped gas or indigestion. Others think it may be due to immature digestive systems or an overstimulation of the baby’s senses. It’s important to note that Colic is not caused by anything you, as a parent, have done wrong.

    Colic can be emotionally exhausting for parents as they struggle to soothe and comfort their crying baby. It’s essential to remember that Colic is a temporary condition that usually resolves on its own by the time the baby reaches four months of age. However, during this period, exploring various methods to alleviate the discomfort and comfort of your little one can be helpful.

    In the following sections, we’ll discuss strategies for identifying colic triggers, making dietary and feeding changes, and finding techniques to relieve colic symptoms. By understanding Colic and exploring these approaches, you can find relief for you and your baby.

    Identify triggers of colic
    Identifying triggers of Colic can be a crucial step in helping reduce your baby’s discomfort. While the cause of Colic is still uncertain, certain triggers can exacerbate symptoms and make your little one even more distressed. One of the common triggers is overstimulation. Babies can quickly become overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights, or too much activity. Pay attention to your baby’s reactions and create a calm and soothing environment.

    Another trigger could be dietary factors. Certain foods you consume while breastfeeding can pass through your breast milk and affect your baby. It can be helpful to keep a food diary to track what you eat and see if there is a correlation between your diet and your baby’s colic symptoms. If you are formula feeding, talk to your pediatrician about switching to a different formula that may be easier for your baby to digest.

    Lastly, some babies may be sensitive to allergens or irritants in their environment. This could include pet dander, dust mites, or certain cleaning products. Keep an eye out for any potential allergens in your baby’s surroundings and try to minimize their exposure.

    By identifying and avoiding these triggers, you can help reduce the frequency and intensity of your baby’s colic episodes. Remember, every baby is unique, so it may take some trial and error to figure out what triggers your little one’s Colic. Stay patient and experiment until you find what works best for your baby.

    Diet and feeding changes
    If your baby suffers from Colic, changing their diet and feeding routine can help alleviate their discomfort. One of the first steps is to try different feeding positions. Some babies with colic find relief when held upright during feedings, as this can help reduce gas and reflux. Experiment with different positions until you find the one that works best for your little one.

    Additionally, you may want to consider changing your baby’s formula if you are formula-feeding. Some babies with Colic may have difficulty digesting certain types of formula. Talk to your pediatrician about trying a hypoallergenic formula or one specifically designed for babies with sensitive stomachs.

    If you are breastfeeding, you may need to change your diet. Some foods you eat can pass through your breast milk and cause digestive issues for your baby. Common culprits include dairy products, caffeine, and spicy foods. Keeping a food diary and eliminating potential trigger foods from your diet can help determine if there is a connection between your food intake and your baby’s colic symptoms.

    In addition to these dietary changes, it can be helpful to establish a consistent feeding schedule for your baby. Feed them regularly throughout the day and avoid overfeeding, which can contribute to discomfort. Burping your baby regularly during and after feedings can also help release trapped gas and reduce colic symptoms.

    Remember, every baby is different, so finding the right diet and feeding routine for your little one may take some trial and error. Stay patient and consult with your pediatrician for guidance throughout the process.

    @ https://www.gethealthandbeauty.com/

  • An expansion plan An expansion plan is a roadmaps that defines the strategy that a company must follow to achieve its clearly defined growth goals, and includes aspects such as: bolts • Characteristics of the plan and measures appropriate to the needs of the business. • Analysis of the viability of the procedures performed. • The framework in which its development will take place. Growth is the goal of any company. So, if your business is already operational and profitable, you may have started to consider expanding. To avoid unnecessary risk, ideally you have detailed planning for how you are going to achieve this growth. This is known as an expansion plan, a document that, in addition to analyzing the potential development of a company, also includes an assessment of its viability in relation to its characteristics and the environment in which this growth will take place. If you want to come up with a good expansion plan that will enable your company to successfully enter new markets, keep the following key points in mind: techwadia Choose the best expansion strategy When thinking about taking a step forward in your business, you have four paths (as established by the Ansoff matrix): • Market penetration: current markets tend to consume more current products. • Product Development: This is about introducing new products to the markets in which the company operates today. • Market development: consists of offering current products to new markets, increasing the audience and therefore potential customers. You can reach new audiences or sectors or expand your geography. • Diversification: the company is focusing its efforts on developing new products in new markets. This is the most risky expansion strategy. To develop a plan for expanding your business, you must have a clear idea of ??the strategy that you will follow and, based on this, work on its implementation, taking into account all the resources that you will need in the process. There are many companies in this panorama that are betting on conquering foreign markets as an expansion strategy. And the point is, internationalization is not only a pathway for your companys growth, but also for its integration and diversification. Information about the company Your expansion plan should include a synopsis of your company with an overview, describing your business model and goals, as well as functional aspects such as the number of your employees, how it is organized, what type of products and services. … Offers. how you work every day … You should also indicate the reasons why you are planning the expansion and the chosen growth strategy, as well as general information about the project. In case you are about to jump into overseas markets, this information will be very useful in assessing your companys export capabilities, as well as what structure and resources it has to withstand an international adventure. What are the strengths of your business? Before embarking on any growth strategy, it is very important to know the advantages of your company over the competitors, as well as all those factors that made it profitable and stable. Of course, this will not be a single topic, but everything should be reflected in the expansion plan. For example: • Analyzing the products or services that made your companys success possible. • Your advantages over competitors, that is, those characteristics that make your business unique in its sector. • Those commercial goals and successes that have been achieved since its inception. • Information about your management team: People are the people who run the business, so you should highlight the benefits your company has in this regard. Make a detailed presentation about who they are, what their training and skills are, or the achievements they have achieved in the company. Description and market research The expansion plan should consider what market the company is going to operate in, what challenges it might face, or how best to sell in it. And what could be better than studying it, including describing demographic variables and analyzing competition. All this information will help you develop a positioning strategy for your product and find out which place is most suitable for it. If you decide to internationalize your company, one of the key points will be choosing the market in which you want to work, which is not always easy as you have more than 200 countries to choose from. There is no single response to this, and it is best to base your decision on objective data and analysis of potential markets. @ Read More: https://thebusinesswind.blogspot.com/

  • The Ultimate Guide To Bright Summer Acrylic Nails Introduction Even though summer is coming close, you can still pack up your most fashionable bright summer acrylic nail designs later. In the upcoming weeks, you can make your consumers seem more knowledgeable and stylish by providing fresh and adorable acrylic designs. Combining acrylic nails, powders, finishes, and pin-above art styles will give each customer who comes to your salon a pair of extraordinary pensionaries. We have compiled a list of some adorable summer acrylic nail ideas that your customers will enjoy and find suitable for any event, occasion, or style to assist them in making the most of the remaining beach days and holidays. It will help them make the most of the remaining opportunities to go to the beach. What is a Bright Summer Acrylic Nails? What is a bright summer acrylic nails_ A powdered polymer and a liquid monomer component are mixed to create a molecular paste when making acrylic nails. You can paint this paste onto a client’s natural nail, and the acrylic nail is fused to harden it. Afterward, you can hang them out somewhere and let them dry naturally without subjecting them to heat further. These nails provide your clients the length and shape they’ve always wanted and offer you the ideal canvas onto which you may paint some delightful decorations. Even though they need upkeep and care, your clients will be willing to go to great lengths to guarantee that they maintain your outstanding work for as long as possible since these nails will look amazing. Your clients can enjoy their new manicures up to the end of summer. Since acrylic nail designs often last anywhere from six to eight weeks. You or your customer may feel overwhelmed by the fantastic alternatives available. Still, there is no need to worry about it since we have you covered with a rundown and recommendations for some of the season’s most popular silhouettes and designs. How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last? How long do acrylic nails last_ Cosmopolitan says a complete set of artificial acrylic nails may last up to eight weeks if properly cared for. When you fill in the gaps that will appear due to the extension of your natural nails, you must see your go-to manicurist every two to three weeks. According to pros, you shouldn’t wait more than three weeks between getting your fillings and treating your nails. The increased pressure on your natural nails generated by the larger surface area will be relieved when you do this. In addition to that, it helps ward off fungal infections. First, Choose the Shape Before you start your acrylic summer trip together, you should ensure that your client is well-versed in the several types of nail forms accessible to them. Almond Bright Summer Acrylic Nails Almond Bright Summer Acrylic Nails The nail wall of almond nails is filed down to a point, creating a rounded almond shape at the tip of the nail. Because of their inherent weakness, natural nails often struggle to keep almond-shaped nail shapes on their own. As a result, acrylics are an excellent choice for customers who are adamant about maintaining this shape on their nails. Coffin Bright Summer Acrylic Nails The coffin acrylic is not quite as horrible as its name might be the main one to believe it is. Longer acrylic nails, which have been gaining popularity recently, may create the appearance of longer fingers and a smaller profile for your consumer. The coffin-shaped nail is thin at the base, and it expands at the tip, giving the appearance of wider fingers than the wearer has (which ends up making it look like its namesake or, perhaps more appealingly, like a ballerina slipper). If you want the luxurious look preserved for as long as possible, inform your customers that they need to handle this particular acrylic with more care since it is more brittle than the others. Mountain Peak Your consumers will appreciate that these acrylics give elevation and attitude, enabling them to carry the warm temps and positive sentiments of summer with them wherever they go. Mountain peak nails have a broad base that tapers to a somewhat curved tip and are called for the mountain modeled after. It should come as no surprise that famous people like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have experimented with this type of manicure, given its many options for creating dramatic and complex nail art. Here are some Adorable Outfit Ideas for the Bright Summer Acrylic Nails You and your client are now at the point where you may experiment with some new and cute summer styles. Before settling on one, you and the person you are selling need to investigate each choice that is open to you. Glossy Summer Floral Nails Savoring ice cream on a hot summer day, these glossy nude nails adorned with stunning floral prints become your stylish sidekick. Capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and reflecting the sun’s rays, they add a touch of magic to your fingertips, making every day a delightful adventure filled with laughter and sunshine. @ Read More: https://www.stylebeautyhealth.com

  • Watercress and Yogurt Mask for Hair Introduction Watercress and Yogurt Mask for Hair Watercress and Yogurt Mask? Have you ever notion that watercress and yoghurt may be included within the training of healing and cosmetic recipes because of their many benefits to the body and hair? Do you need to recognize a way to prepare watercress and yoghurt on your hair? Examine on and study the most prominent facts about this inside the following article: In this paragraph, we provide you how to prepare watercress and yoghurt for hair, as this method facilitates to heighten hair, and steps as follows: How to Prepare Watercress and Yogurt Mask for Hair? Place some watercress leaves in a blender and beat for 3 mins. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and a yoghurt can, then mix nicely. Gently unfold the aggregate over your scalp and leave for 1 hour. Wash your hair with warm water, and this is a way to put together and use a watercress and yoghurt masks in your hair. Other Catches Containing Watercress or Yogurt Other catches containing watercress or yoghurt can be made one after the other, some of which are diagnosed in the following paragraph: Watercress Hair Masks The following encompass: Watercress and lemon juice masks Place a bit watercress in a blender, upload a tablespoon of rose water, a tablespoon of olive oil and half of a tablespoon of lemon juice. Spread the combination in your hair with a gentle scalp massage, then cowl your hair with a plastic hat for three hours. Rinse your hair very well with lukewarm water, and use this method once per week. The following encompass: Place the watercress in a blender and upload half a teaspoon of cumin powder. Put at the combination at the hair and cowl with a towel for 1 hour. Wash your hair with warm water. Yoghurt Masking for Hair Yoghurt and Cactus Mask The steps are as follows: Mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with tablespoons of yoghurt. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey, then stir nicely. Spread at the combination to the hair and go away for 20 mins, then rinse with water and shampoo nicely. How to Work Mash half a grain of avocado and blend with a cup of yoghurt, two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey. Put on the mixture on your hair and depart for 20 minutes, then rinse your hair with bloodless water well. Benefits of Watercress and Yogurt for Hair After getting to know how to prepare a watercress and yoghurt hair mask, we offer you the blessings of each other. Follow and examine the info: Watercress Benefits for Hair The benefits of watercress for hair encompass: Prevent Hair Loss Watercress allows treat hair loss, balancing hormones which can lead to hair loss, and promotes new hair growth as it carries nutrition a, making hair thick. Increased Healthy Hair Growth One of the essential blessings of watercress is that it increases wholesome hair boom through enhancing scalp fitness. In addition, it is wealthy in vital minerals and nutrients, and watercress will increase hair shine and radiance. Hair and Scalp Protection Watercress incorporates sulfur, which facilitates defend the hair and scalp from bacterial infections that could affect the scalp, and watercress facilitates moisturize the scalp, which reduces the appearance of the cortex. Yoghurt Benefits for Hair Studies have no longer but verified the blessings of yoghurt on hair, but its far one of the maximum commonly used hair catches as its far called a deep balm, and we recognize in element the benefits it offers to hair: Promoting Hair Health The protein inside yoghurt helps improve hair to end up robust and healthy, as lactic acid in yoghurt cleans the scalp, gets rid of lifeless skin cells, and stimulates hair follicle increase. Reduce Hair Damage One of the benefits of yoghurt on hair is that it enables reduce hair harm caused by environmental modifications, solar, or harm due to hair styling gear and hair products, such as dye, because it additionally provides shine to the hair appearance bright and healthful. Moisturizing the Scalp Yoghurt is thought to moisturize the scalp, rejuvenate hair follicles, and assist lessen dry hair and fading, mainly throughout the iciness months. Tips whilst Using Watercress and Yogurt Mask for Hair In this paragraph, we provide you a few vital recommendations while using the catcher, which includes: Some are allergic whilst placing watercress or yoghurt on the scalp, so a check is suggested to check for no hypersensitive reactions when the use of the catcher. The catcher have to be eliminated at once, and the hair and scalp ought to be washed with water when hypersensitive reactions seem, together with itching, redness, and heat. It is pleasant to consult a dermatologist when you have hair or scalp troubles. And take a look at whether a watercress and yoghurt masks may be used for hair. @ Read More: https://www.bloggerelle.com/

  • How to Use Microwave Oven? Introduction Microwave ovens are defined as devices that heat food by precise waves that penetrate it and cause its molecules to vibrate, causing them to collide, thereby overheating and cooking food. The frequency of 2450 MHz has been reserved for use exclusively in microwave ovens. How to Use? There are many effects to pay attention to when wanting to use the microwave: Choosing the suitable microwave: the microwave is available in different sizes, prices, and possibilities, and the size of the microwave measured in square meters; the 0.8 square foot microwave will be suitable for small spaces. While to heat large amounts of food, it prefers to use a microwave of 2.2 square feet. Concerning electrical capacity, the microwave has a power of 800 watts, suitable for individual use, and if more extensive services are needed. Microwave configuration: The microwave’s preparation needs a little time and effort. Suppose you want to put it on the table. In that case, all that is required is to remove it from the box and connect it to electricity, but if there is an intention to suspend it must call a qualified person for it. And before the microwave reaches the electricity, make sure that plastic and stereo foam is removed from the inside and outside. To choose the time required to heat, press the time button and select it by the keyboard with attention to morning or evening time, and then press again the time button to confirm the option. Know the device’s characteristics. You should read the instruction manual to find out the parts of the microwave, as most instruction books contain drawings showing the essential features of the device and include options for cooking certain foods such as vegetables, potatoes, and meat. Most microwaves allow cooking time to be increased to half a minute or their complications during heating without being interrupted. Microwave Oven Parts The microwave consists of several features: magnet one: is a vacuum valve that converts the electrical power of an oscillating electromagnetic field. Power provider: provides magnet one with the energy needed to produce food. Microwave Oven Wave: a rectangular metal tube used to direct magnetron waves towards the furnace cavity and prevents collisions between magnet one and food, as this collision causes the magnet one to obstruct the operation of the interest one. Engine: helps to heat regularly by distributing mini-waves from the router. oven cavity: The vacuum inside the oven in which the food is exposed to waves and heated. Turntable: It manages food inside the oven cavity to expose it to mini-waves evenly. Door: it is designed to prevent mini-waves from leaking out. How to Heat a Microwave? For food, microwave waves can cause the vibration of water molecules in food, turning kinetic energy into thermal energy and heating food. And heating carries out within traditional ovens by conducting. And heat travels from range to dish and then from plate to food. At the same time, we are heating inside microwave ovens by absorbing water molecules and food-forming fats into microwave waves. It results in the temperature of molecules by the same amount, time due to the same amount, time to collide. Thermal energy forms that heat the food while the outer dish remains cold. Tips when Using a Microwave Oven There are some general tips to note when using the microwave:[use of microwave cooking utensils, as standard tools prevent waves from reaching the food. It is preferable to buy an oven that opens with a custom button rather than a handle. To reduce the likelihood of damage to the door and leaking the rays. Stand one and a half meters from the device while working to avoid exposure to radiation in the event of a leak. Heat food in bowls made of reinforced glass “pyrex” and not use plastic because this leads to fat decomposition. Which harms the human body. Chop the food for equal pieces to ensure its maturity simultaneously. Do not open the oven door during the heating process. Clean the oven door constantly to prevent fat build-up, which reduces the oven’s effectiveness and leaks the rays. To give the baked goods a crispy taste, apply vegetable oil before inserting it into the range. Cook grains using quick-cooking instead of slow cooking. Reduce the fluids used in cooking by one-third to reduce the proportion of fumes formed inside the oven. Avoid mixing meat with flour in case of liquids to prevent a white dough layer from being on the surface of the meat. Microwave Damage Cooking foods at high temperatures will lead to carcinogens. But there is no conclusive evidence that microwave waves cause the production of carcinogens. When testing mutations on pork cooked using a microwave. No evidence of mutations in the meat detects. Comparing the beef cooked in the regular oven to the meat cooked using the microwave did not notice differences. And the temperature of the surface of the food is often low. Studies have shown that food inside it reaches the right temperature. And the right time to eliminate germs as effectively as traditional cooking methods. And any analysis of its results contrary to this result is due to food exposure to unequal temperatures. You can solve this problem as efficiently as traditional cooking methods. By packaging it during the cooking process, therefore. During it industry. You must take the mechanism of the microwave’s work and heating method into account to ensure that the correct temperatures arrive for food. @ Read More: https://www.smarttechpros.com

  • nanobottek.com is considered the utmost accolade in the industry. The nanobottek editors test thousands of articles, review double-blind studies and self-determining research, and consult with Technology experts such as TECH , BUSINESS,SMALL BUSINESS,, and APPS before determining the winners.

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  • […] years ago Ory Okolloh – who went on to found the wildly successful citizen reporting platform Ushahidi – made […]

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  • […] years ago Ory Okolloh – who went on to found the wildly successful citizen reporting platform Ushahidi – made some […]

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  • […] also had some interesting visitors. Last week, Ory Okolloh, the Kenyan blogger and one of the founders of Ushahidi, came to Kibera with a Swiss documentary […]

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