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More shocking evidence of police death squads

Bernard Kiirinya was a former driver with the Special Crimes Unit of the Kenya Police. He came forward with evidence of extra-judicial killings to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. His act of whistle blowing cost him his life. Let us hope it was not in vain (although this is Kenya, where heroism is pointless). […]

Alston statement on extra-judicial killings

Police Viol

KP readers, this statement by Philip Alston, the UN’s Special Rappoteur on Extra-Judicial Killings is a MUST READ.

Alston has just wrapped up his fact finding mission in Kenya.

Of course, the KNCHR has been on this issue for a while.

But it is still startling to see how […]


Dambisa Moyo, author of “Dead Aid” is featured in the New York Times Magazine. I’m feeling her riff on celebrities and Africa (add Nicholas Kristoff to the gag list), though I must say we as Africans are not exactly helping our cause when we do things like steal maize meant for famine relief and have […]

New reports of police harassment of activists

Below is a report I have just read by a Bunge la Mwananchi activist. We have been urging the activists who are being harassed to document their experiences as best as they can. I have promised to make sure that what is going on in Kenya right now gets a wider audience. The report is […]

Quick Hits

– Wherecamp Africa being held in Nairobi on April 4th.

– Kenyan religious leaders get their act together and tell it like it is. This is not an insignificant move, given how much influence religion/ religious leaders carry in Kenyan society. One only wishes they (the leaders) could have shown such sense in the […]

The Kenya I Cannot Stand

Unedited note from Philo, one of the activists arrested yesterday.

Action alert update

Colleagues eventually traced the three Kenyan civil society activists arrested and beaten outside Parliament buildings yesterday after a nighttime search.

Philo Ikonya was released from Gigiri Police Station last night at about 11 pm to appear in court this morning. Fwamba N.C Fwamba spent the night in custody at Gigiri Police Station, while Patrick Kamotho […]

Action alert! Press for activists release

KP readers, please lend your support to these brave souls who are doing the hard and important work that needs to be done to change Kenya. We might not all be able to march in the streets in protest of the numerous scandals bedeviling the country, so lets take action in other ways.

Note: […]