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Alston statement on extra-judicial killings

Police Violence

Police Viol

KP readers, this statement by Philip Alston, the UN’s Special Rappoteur on Extra-Judicial Killings is a MUST READ.

Alston has just wrapped up his fact finding mission in Kenya.

Of course, the KNCHR has been on this issue for a while.

But it is still startling to see how pervasive the problem is ranging from killings because you pissed a cop in a bar to executions during the post-election violence.

Other key points:
– Wako being the epitome of impunity in Kenya
– The lack of an internal affairs unit in the Kenyan Police, so police who are culpable are expected to investigate themselves
– The shameless don’t care attitude of Ali
– The fact that the police have detailed reports of what was looted in Nyanza during the PEV but nothing on the 82 people who were killed by police bullets.

Why should you care?

Because these are the very people who are supposed to protect us. Next time the violence flares up, and at the rate Kenya is going, possibilities are it will. Will these people still be in charge?
Because these tactics are now being used to suppress peaceful protests (see my earlier posts this week).
Because, at the very least because the very next time you unknowingly pick a fight with a cop you stand a high chance of being “Mungiki’d”.

7 comments to Alston statement on extra-judicial killings

  • The police violence that I used to watch on T.V was bad enough. When they shot someone I knew in cold blood five times – it hits a lot closer to home and it’s not so abstract anymore. The only thing abstract is the police force.

  • Michael

    After reading the report, im glad that he was able to even get as much info as he did through all the obstractions which he faced! Shocking findings there – especially that its legal to use lethal force in riots!
    It must be said however that in as much as he has outlined 11 valid suggestions, some of which reiterate the ‘Waki’ Tribunal’s suggestions as he’s stated, their implementation is as likely to occur as Waki’s has (or lack thereof) – or the KHNCR’s for the same matter.
    These prelims definately startle. Could this be why the Kenyans i meet & know are softspoken people?!

  • Pete

    Hi. Can you take a little more time to explain more of the background behind Bunge la Mwananchi and other activist groups? What exactly are they demonstrating about? Whee do they fall in the Kenyan political spectrum? And why do their protests elicit such strong responses from the Kenyan Government?

    Perhaps you can write a new commentary and provide some more background based on your own personal thoughts. It would really help outsiders who are trying to understand the problems in Kenya and the human rights issues.

    Ohhh .. .and yes. You are right. The Kenyan police need an internal affairs depertment. In fact, the Government really needs a completely separate division for these investigations, perhaps not even based inside the police/security forces at all.


  • This hard hitting and blunt statement from Alston is such a breath of fresh air. Too much diplomacy has been getting in the way of justice so let’s hope this leads to not just the AG and Police Commissioner stepping down, but now we as Kenyans must demand they have a taste of their own bitter medicine…

  • I suddenly feel guilty about enjoying & watching Fox TV show “the Shield” about some renegade cops in LA.

    Public sentiment at the time when Mungiki was at their highest was that the police should do more, fight fire with fire; we are now seeing the ugly consequences of that. But the unemployed youth problem has been shoved under the rag only temporarily.

  • Jizee

    I feel you on the guilt of watching “the Shield” (was an addict and even a bigger addict of “the Wire”) but we saw how they both ended… the bad guy always lost what was most dear to him/her family etc or the cycle just continued..and life goes on…that’s what’s going to happen to all these who have been mentioned BY NAME. Life will just go on. It is sad. We need a big a$$ fork to dig into us and turn us over and around; we need change from the roots, the deep roots…and it has already began! Big up to all those who stand up for the truth…and are suffering/ed because of it; we are indebted to you!

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