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Two Civil Society Activists Murdered in Nairobi

What the fuck is going on in Kenya???? Is the police state creeping back???

I don’t think I can get anymore despondent about the direction in which things are going….

Below, an official statement by KNCHR and other civil society organizations.


More shocking evidence of police death squads

Bernard Kiirinya was a former driver with the Special Crimes Unit of the Kenya Police. He came forward with evidence of extra-judicial killings to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. His act of whistle blowing cost him his life. Let us hope it was not in vain (although this is Kenya, where heroism is pointless). […]

Alston statement on extra-judicial killings

Police Viol

KP readers, this statement by Philip Alston, the UN’s Special Rappoteur on Extra-Judicial Killings is a MUST READ.

Alston has just wrapped up his fact finding mission in Kenya.

Of course, the KNCHR has been on this issue for a while.

But it is still startling to see how […]

New reports of police harassment of activists

Below is a report I have just read by a Bunge la Mwananchi activist. We have been urging the activists who are being harassed to document their experiences as best as they can. I have promised to make sure that what is going on in Kenya right now gets a wider audience. The report is […]

Challenges of the Grand Coalition Part 1(guest post)


1.0. Challenge # 1: Credibility

The Grand Coalition is slowly rousing to its feet amidst widespread cynicism, bewilderment, anger and disappointment.

The fact that almost half of the 220 member Kenya National Assembly will be in government is astounding, especially if one takes into account the high falutin’ earnest pledges by the […]