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Challenges of the Grand Coalition Part 1(guest post)


1.0. Challenge # 1: Credibility

The Grand Coalition is slowly rousing to its feet amidst widespread cynicism, bewilderment, anger and disappointment.

The fact that almost half of the 220 member Kenya National Assembly will be in government is astounding, especially if one takes into account the high falutin’ earnest pledges by the […]

Update Jan 22

One thing that has really been bothering me is lately is how the Kenyan media has just rolled over and played dead during this whole crisis. No contextual reporting, no investigative journalism, not even daring to reprint the chronicle of events that has been compiled by Kenyan election observers…or is my perspective very skewed from […]

Count Down to Deception: 30 Hours that Destroyed Kenya


Friday January 18, 2007

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is today on the brink of disintegration. At least 500 people have been killed, 6,100 have fled into exile in Uganda and another 250,000 plus are living as internally displaced persons in their own country.

This is not the end […]

Some commentary on the post-election situation

I’m sure you all know by now that Parliament has been prorogued. No word on when it will resume. At the rate Kibaki is going…probably not any time soon in order to kill ODM’s perceived momentum within Parliament.

On to the links:

– Get Africa right dammit (OK, those are my words).

– […]

Diary 21 – Observations (from the ground as it were)


1. i have been in kenya since early september 2007. i am finding it a tad bit intellectually dishonest when people here express shock at the aftermath of saturday bloody saturday (december 29th, 2007). i find their expressions a bit rich in that the one thing i quickly realized when i arrived […]

Diary 20 – The present, the future


The more things change, the more the stay the same.

My take on the situation will be short.I found this interesting video on you tube. It was on Tom Mboya’s death. I am struck by the differences and the similarities to the situation today.

Most striking, is the much bandied about and […]

Parliament coverage (ongoing updates)

Marsgroup Kenya should be showing live clips every 15 minutes. Site is a bit slow so be patient.

Man, I wish I could be liveblogging this.

Live broadcasting of Parliament should be a permanent thing. Trying to get MPs to vote that in is another matter altogether. A

From a skype chat with someone […]

Diary 19 – We are after all each other


I left Kenya when i was 24 years, 10 month and some days old. With me were two suitcases stuffed with books and unsuitable clothing for the upcoming winter and in the midst of the hot, tuesday afternoon, my heart was burdened by the choice I feel I had to take.

I […]