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Some commentary on the post-election situation

I’m sure you all know by now that Parliament has been prorogued. No word on when it will resume. At the rate Kibaki is going…probably not any time soon in order to kill ODM’s perceived momentum within Parliament.

On to the links:

Get Africa right dammit (OK, those are my words).

A view from a member of the Zimbabwean opposition on why ODM should go to court.

Not that anyone was asking me, but I’m of the view that ODM should pursue all options and keep the “government” engaged in as many fronts as possible – Court (to test their point about the futility of this option); Parliament (well it was open only long enough for them to be sworn in and get paychecks…so much for that); peaceful mass action (how about asking people to stay home from work rather than rally?); and finally one thing that they have not done – and I fail to understand why – they should be leading humanitarian/relief efforts throughout the country – they had great logistical organization during the campaign why not put this to use – reach out to Kenyans and show a different face to ODM…where is all that caring for the “people” business (unless of course the different face doesn’t exist). EDIT: What happened to Raila’s campaign handlers who had managed to keep him from shooting himself in the foot during the campaigns? He clearly cannot be the guy calling for mass action when he makes statements like this (it’s generally a not well research piece but read last paragraph).

For those who had issues with my thoughts on “moving on.” I guess we all have different interpretations of what moving on means – I didn’t mean that people shouldn’t go back to work, schools shouldn’t open, or day to day life shouldn’t stand still – I meant that THIS should not be swept under the rug, as Kui says it should remain strange to us until the underlying issues are addressed.

AOB: Interesting article on how efforts to improve access to education in India have had a negative impact on quality. If things were different in Kenya, we’d have now been busy debating the merits of free secondary education. Hrrmph.

EDIT 2: Prayer meeting for Kenya’s future to be held in Atlanta. Details below.

Let’s all join together- One Nation in prayer to be followed by a candle light vigil with 600 seconds of silence.

Date: Sunday, January 20th
Time: 5:00 pm
Residence Inn by Marriott
134 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404)- 522-0950
(Hotel is across from Georgia Pacific and Atlanta-Fulton Public Library)

PLEASE bring a candle!!

20 comments to Some commentary on the post-election situation

  • Mama Janet

    Wow, thanks for posting that first article (haven’t had a chance to check out your other links). The author seems to know what he’s talking about – probably lives in Kenya. This is really a first, I think.

  • Thanx Ory for your words and broadening people’s horizon.

    Open article about GSU find here:

  • Bemused

    About the India education, that is the little secret in the outsourcing business that is not mentioned in the papers. In the west those of us working in IT repsonsible for actually implementing the offshoring model know this, and have seen the results. I have had to rewrite documentation at times because what came back was atrocious. That was the easy part. Anything that was not in a book and therefore could be memorized was never explored, or resisted.

    Actually, in the next couple of years it is going to be a good time (financially) to be in IT, consulting work will be there in droves.

  • just heard that Martin shikuku has been arrested.

    He was arrested in town today, when trying to demonstrate.

  • momo


    Very nice read, thanks for your efforts.
    Always looking forward to reading you –
    This is a hgh time to inject economic empowrment programs that are diverse and scattered all over Kenya.

  • Derek Otieno

    Thanks for your hard work. My comments are directed to ODM and the pentagon. We all know ODM was robbed of victory. I support peaceful demonstrations, but at this time, and with the police only too happy to kill people, it may be prudent to use a different strategy. Go to court, even if only just to table evidence and expose the courts’ biases – in the court of public opinion, Kibaki will have been exposed even more. There are many other options I hope can be pursued as a multifaceted approach – hit ’em from all angles, so to speak. But ABOVE all, I am wondering why the ODM leadership is not at the forefront in alleviating the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the protests. Each pentagon member alone is worth millions of dollars – where are all those helicopters that were deployed to beg for our vote? Or was the money spent for campaigning really just an investment, in the true sense of the word? Raila, could’t you even spare a million of your 4billion fortune to deliver a truckload of food, blankets, etc to the people of Kibera and other places? This is when I would expect the Jaramogi foundation, for example, to be grabbing headlines in humanitarian efforts. The mark of a true leader is in service to his followers. I think it is very unfair of you to ask poor, mostly jobless youth and people with far less in life to fight running battles with police on your behalf and not sacrifice something yourself. Yes, Kibaki stole the election ,and unfortunately has monoploy over state violence. If all those promises you made during your campaign hold any water, there is a lot in that manifesto that you could achieve without even being president. UNLESS (God forbid) it is in your interest to see people suffer and be killed so the government can look bad? Again I ask, where is your personal sacrifice? Same goes for the rest of the pentagon. And running away from teargas into your air conditioned SUV does not count, either.

  • Sijui

    All outraged Kenyans must play a part……I am not particularly impressed with prayer meetings because it is like going to a knife fight with a toothpick. My mom had suggested that boycotts of hardliners’ economic interests should be started, I was surprised then to read that ODM was pursuing this strategy! Excellent idea!

    I am a stong proponent of economic sabotage because the status quo IS ALREADY indifferent to the plight of the poor so they have little vested interest in protecting it. Let middle class Kenyans suffer, they have the MOST TO LOOSE and I say this as one of them. I rather support the crippling of Kenya’s economy on my own terms than bury my head in the sand until a civil inserruction comes in to my living room!


  • this is my first post, i enjoy reading everything here, i should have discovered your blog earlier!

  • NYC

    Great reads..the folks who didn’t get your point on “moving on ” the other day must be sipping on something .It’s rather obvious you were not asking people to quit their day to day activities….DAH !!!

  • European journalists arrested coming into Kenya today and suspected of terrorism


  • joe

    i think the targetted boycott is bad idea. BAD idea its just escalating the ethnic dimension. – its will be an i told you so moment.

  • Anna


    I just don’t know where to put this. The police are now killing kids! I feel so sad and helpless. These kids are dying for us to live in a democratic country. Will we ever honour and remember these innocent souls. These are the true heroes. I would like to convey my deeply felt condolences to all those who have lost thier lives in this struggle

    May their souls rest in everlasting peace

  • KOI

    We do think alike! When all this mayhem started, I too thought what a nice gesture it would be if ODM went out there and reached out to the afflicted. They should be careful not to let their actions appear like those of their counterparts who seem to be oblivious of what’s going on around the country. Calling on the masses to come out in support with all the risks involved and then themselves retreating to their secure enclaves not to be seen until the next press conference smacks of ….I don’t know…a lack of solidarity with the people? They should be out there condoling with their supporters and using whatever resources they have at their disposal to alleviate their suffering.

  • savin

    I know this is off topic, just shows a little of the bottom of the barrel

  • Anna

    There was tension at Statehouse this morning after it appeared that Lucy Kibaki had landed another hand on a newly elected legislator. This time the victim was none other than renowned lawyer Gitobu Imanyara. It is said that Imanyara retaliated by firing a fist salvo sending Lucy scampering to the floor in front of Mwai Kibaki.
    Security men were called in and it is said that some of them punched and kicked Imanyara who was later taken to Nairobi hospital. It is claimed that Mr. Imanyara had been invited to Statehouse by the President to work out a possibility of filing charges against Budalang’i MP, Ababu Namwamba, after his attack on the President in what is now famously known as “The Standing Order Of The 10th Parliament”. The first Lady was pushing for the charges to be filed. However, Mr. Imanyara insisted that it was a waste of time causing an argument and its aftermath.
    More on this later…
    NEWSBREAKER 17-1-2008

    From our readers.


  • Edwin Mukhokho

    It is unfortunate, that you choose to selectively display self agrandising views. am not votin any side but am disappointed in the current system of government. am not sure why you have not posted anyo f my comments,

  • Demonstration in Hamburg/Germany, 02.02.2008. More info: http://www.jikozungu.com

  • antonia

    i think we must all take a stand agaisnt these criminal acts being called”political violence”. how can rape, robbery,trespass,arson and MURDER be political?. Thi is criminal and unlawful!

    people should be held accountable on a personal level. the police should use media footage to identify these perpetrators,their backers and accessories . this will deter others form acarrying out theses acts.

    we need to have faith in the justice system and parliament for our lives to get back on track. I agree that ODM needs to go to court. if they don’t trust the court how do they expect to secure any of their rights and where shall we seek refuge form ohters and the government?. what protection do we have from the powers that be.

    to erode our systems does not even help odmas they need the same sructures to govern. the government is not justiifed in curtailing fundamental rights of assembly and experession indefinately. odm or whomever else wants to meet can do so under strict parameters of time, venue and with security personell in place.

    We need a place to vent, those who can use the internet but those without internet need the rallies to vent!

    i think odm and the government must preserve the law.



  • […] and prepares the stage for the official opening of the tenth parliament,” though Kenya Pundit doesn’t perceive it as such. No word on when it will resume. At the rate Kibaki is going…probably not any time soon in order […]