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Generation Firimbi – Theater in the Park

Generation Firimbi

When: December 12th and 13th, 2009

Where: August 7 Memorial Park near Railways

What:  “We are presenting a piece of work Generation Firimbi that will redefine theatre in East Africa. The project dubbed Theatre in the Park is a new non conventional theatre production.   The production is a devised work on generation Firimbi (Whistles). This is a generation that fights so hard for so long to replace the filth and muck that has been a norm in third world Africa. There is a sigh of relief with the feeling of the dawn of a new world and signals of the determination to end these practices.

The joy and hope for a better tomorrow is however short-lived. This generation had learned how to win but had not learned how to keep. The trusted became greedy and selfish. They sold our land. They ate for it was their turn. They killed our hope. They killed our sun.   However, when the generation regained their hope they decided not to let them, not enjoy their turn, not take our victory from us, and not kill our sun, this time they learnt how to keep even if it meant living a lonely life.   They will learn how to keep at whatever cost even if it meant death to blow whistles. They might not live to witness the new dawn, but they will do it for posterity and the echoes of their whistles will bear fruits someday. ONE DAY!   This is a devised piece of work from two books based on a story in Kenya and that of Nigeria. It’s Our Turn to Eat by Michela Wrong & Africa Kills Her Sun by Ken Saro-Wiwa.

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