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Raila and the maize scandal

So I came across this memo to Raila today that was supposedly leaked by one of Anyang Nyong’os disgruntled juniors. The memo links Raila’s son Fidel to the missing maize. The reference to Denis is to the ODM PR guy Denis Onyango. Can’t vouch for the memo’s veracity though…it doesn’t seem like Anyang’s memo to […]

Cannibalistic Nation

A nation of cannibals. That is what we have become. Experts at finishing ours and our own. While immortalizing Obama on the other hand. Although if Obama’s life path would have led him to Kenya, we would have finished him too. Like we did his father.

These thoughts are inspired by the tragic death […]

Our country is turning into shit…

That line always cracked me up in the Blazing Saddles.

Not so funny when it is your country. All indications from everyone I’m talking to is that corruption is back to Moi’s brazen levels – KPC/Triton is just the tip of the iceberg.

And what in the crazy hell is Kimunya doing back […]

Writing Queer Kenya

On behalf of:

Editors: Keguro Macharia and Angus Parkinson

We lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex individuals, in a word, queers, have had the distinct un-pleasure of being told we don’t exist—in official government statements, historical documents, and contemporary statements. Well, we do.

We want Kenyan stories by Kenya-based and Kenya-born queers. About everything. […]

Quick Hits Jan 21

I’ve lots of blog posts churning in my brain – the media law, one year since the election/Ushahidi, the shameless coalition “eating” (yes Raila is behind the disappearing maize), Obama’s inauguration (yeah!)…just have to find the time to write them. In the meantime, I’ll start my foray back to blogging with light posts. On the […]

Baby Nia

Born on 29/12/08. Hefty 3.52 kgs. We’re all well and thankful for a wonderful start to 2009. Thanks everyone for your messages. Back to sleepless nights for me (however, nice to be a relaxed mama second time around).