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Our country is turning into shit…

That line always cracked me up in the Blazing Saddles.

Not so funny when it is your country. All indications from everyone I’m talking to is that corruption is back to Moi’s brazen levels – KPC/Triton is just the tip of the iceberg.

And what in the crazy hell is Kimunya doing back in government?

It gets worse. Julius (Baba Denis) Sunkuli is the new ambassador to China.

An aside…I’m really tempted to support the Media Bill when I read our terrible newspapers. This gem from the Standard:

Konoin MP Julius Kones says the elevation of Uhuru, who holds a degree in economics and political science from Umhurst University, US, to the Finance portfolio could trigger major realignments in PNU.

Umhurst? What exactly do newspaper editors do in Kenya.

13 comments to Our country is turning into shit…

  • Real one?

    The ‘Grand coalition’ might not have been a very good idea. It does not seem to have the checks and balances that a tru opposition party has.

  • with the way things are going i keep wondering what is the final straw that is going to break the camel’s back? we’re already close to the edge, which factor/number of factors is going to drive the final nail in the coffin?MPs, taxes, political squabbles, food prices, oil prices, corruption?
    meanwhile my prayers continue

  • Ory, congratulations first on the new design… it was high time 😉

    Second, you are echoing the exact same sentiment that was going through my head last week – Our country really is turning into shit. Corruption has been taken to a whole new level… guerrilla style, deeper darker and more clandestine than ever. The feeding frenzy that has become our country is nothing short of a vampire blood orgy (extreme I know, but true).

    My only concern at this point is the lower class of Kenyans (+80%) can only take this for so much longer, which ‘could’ lead to only more violence.

  • L

    i think incompetence is what is the problem and corruption has become a scapegoat for incompetence.

  • @Luke

    I think it won’t be a final straw, more a cumulative effect that eventually brings matters to a head. And aren’t we lucky! We have so many to choose from:

    – Youth unemployment
    – Poverty
    – Famine
    – Corruption
    – Wealth gap
    – Lopsided tax regime
    – Political inertia

    Stick the above into a pot, stir, add an outside event that causes them to coalesce, and you have the makings of a revolution/civil war.

  • Kenyoru Onwonga

    As Kenyans we need to understand that we can not wait for the powers that be to straighten the government. As citizens WE MUST take matters into our hands and fight this cancer.

    If we wait for the politicians to clean up after themselves, we will only be smelling the king of pong we are smelling right now.

  • Ory – Nice design.

    About Kenyan newspapers… are you just noticing?

    Kenyan journalists/reporters/anchors love the following:

    He is a whooping looser when they meant whopping loser. And to compound the error, they actually say what they write…

    Oh, I have done my part & told one of their editors but… seeds on bare rock do not yield plants…

  • Join the club. The UK is going down the same tube, with a Government calling back disgraced MPs, legislation to curb our freedom, failing to deal effectively with the recession.
    Now they are talking about monitoring every email sent within the UK. What a waste of money!
    So they are now talking about printing more money (like R. Mugabe).
    No, Kenya’s not so bad.

  • Ory Okolloh

    Thanks ColdT. No I’m not just noticing…I’m just occasionally sent over the edge all over again.

  • Ory Okolloh

    Unfortunately the precedent set by the 2007 election and this lets-all-eat-together coalition government is that even when we take matters into our own hands by peacefully voting, we can’t win. Also our pre-disposition for supporting useless guys rather than honest politicians doesn’t help. The whole society is sick, not just the politicians…after all where do these politicians come from.

  • Trisha

    I have been reading your blog for a while. I dont comment but recommend it to all the Kenyans I know.

    This is a very serious suggestion – please Ory – run for a political post in Kenya. We need people like you- smart, focussed and who genuinely care for Kenya. I would also nominate Bankelele, M from Thinker’s room, David Kobia – you all have fresh ideas, are people of integrity, I havent seen any tribal or other divisive information in any of your blogs, you tell it like it is, speak from your different fields for the betterment of all young Kenyans. I have been following your blogs for years now and I think between you and a few other non blogging Kenyans out there – You are our new generation, the Obama’s Kenya needs.

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