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Podcast of It’s Our Turn to Eat Reading in Nairobi

As you might know there have been numerous efforts both by Michaela Wrong and others in Kenya to try and circumvent the self-imposed ban that book-sellers in Nairobi have put on the book, It’s Our Turn to Eat.

Among the efforts is a programme called “It’s Our Turn to Read” where readings of the […]

Charterhouse Exposed and other storos

Hot on the heels of the Kroll Report, Wikileaks has now leaked documents related to the Charterhouse saga.

Charterhouse is still under statutory management, while the CBK investigates allegations of money laundering among other things. Three of the whistle blowers who first broke the story are now in exile after receiving death threats.

Unlike […]

Looting of Kenya under Moi

I’m a bit late to this story…got the link two days ago but didn’t have a chance to blog (hat tip Banks) Kroll Report on grand corruuption under Moi is leaked on Wikileaks (click for all the gory details).

New Corruption Reports

Still no good connectivity at home so the hiatus continues. Gabriella is also decidedly nocturnal for now so keeping watchie hours. Will try and post pics soon and one of these days do proper posts on motherhood.

In the meantime, please check out these two excellent reports on local corruption scandals – Anglo Leasing […]

John Githongo’s blog

So John Githongo decided to make his latest revelations on Anglo-Leasing via his blog. There’s a whole lot the typical smoke and mirrors from the government combined with the sensationalism from the local media that has become par for course with the Anglo-Leasing story. I am going to focus on something that struck me as […]

KNCHR/Kenya Land Alliance Land Report

You read about the release of the land grabbing report in the newspapers yesterday, now get a full copy of the report here – Unjust Enrichment: The making of land grabbing millionaires

KNCHR responds to corruption allegations

Sorry, no time to upload this as a pdf.

9th September 2006




For many months, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has been aware of machinations […]

I’m back(ish)

One of the things I have been determined to do since leaving the U.S. was travel within Africa and learn more about the rest of the continent (and maybe grow into a full-fledged pan-Africanist?). I found the fact that I had traipsed all over Europe, but had not yet even made it to Kampala to […]