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Bit of gossip

Rumor has it: Bank involved in this story is Victoria Bank and this company “Among the accounts examined is one belonging to a company that had evaded Value Added Tax to the tune of Sh247 million while no opening forms were found for an individual’s account with a turnover of Sh2.186 billion” is Nakumatt. Sources […]

Githongo at Cato

Real audio of the speech available here.

Coverage by Kenyan bloggers in attendance here and here. Asanteni!

AOB: The PAC report on Anglo-leasing can be downloaded here (kudos Nation!), and it’s good to see business people in Kenya getting familiar with protests, you can’t have change without some form of engagement.


Quick hits

Apologies for the blogging infrequency – combination of numerous deadlines and mindblock….

On to the link-a-rama.

– Parliament resumes tomorrow sans website, they can learn a thing or two from the Constituency Development Fund website which is rather impressive as far as Kenyan government websites go. – I keep saying it takes two to tango […]

Githongo to speak at the Cato Institute in Washington DC

The event will be on March 29th. This will be his first speaking engagement in the U.S. Hopefully some DC-based Kenyan bloggers can cover the event for us. Real audio/video of the speech will also be available via Cato’s website.

Githongo featured in Time Magazine

Pretty good write up. Hat tip Selam!

Anglo-leasing the good news…

I’ve been suffering from the worst jet-lag ever. Conference starts tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be all perky by then.

So what’s the good news about Anglo-leasing?

– Kenyans are more awake than ever…the pressure that Kibaki is reacting to is not donors, not the opposition and not even the johnny-come lately civil society – […]

Response to Kiraitu’s questions

This has been making its way around the internets in response to Kiraitu’s 36 questions, author is unknown…

1. When did John Githongo join TI?

ANSWER: This question has no relevance to the Anglo-Leasing scam. But if you must know, John Githongo joined TI in 2003 (It has been established that he actually joined […]

Living Large: Counting the Cost of Official Extravagance in Kenya

Last week, you read press coverage of the report on government spending (waste) on luxury cars by KNCHR and TI-Kenya.

Now you can get access to the full report here.

Couple of quick observations. First, we sorely need a Freedom of Information Act in Kenya. Getting access to the information in the report was very […]