Living Large: Counting the Cost of Official Extravagance in Kenya

Last week, you read press coverage of the report on government spending (waste) on luxury cars by KNCHR and TI-Kenya.

Now you can get access to the full report here.

Couple of quick observations. First, we sorely need a Freedom of Information Act in Kenya. Getting access to the information in the report was very difficult, yet we are talking about public funds. The draft bill is of course still pending, thanks to our lazy Parliament (which should also be exercising oversight on government spending)

Second, it’s a point that’s been beaten to death, but here I go again…Kenyans need to question their government more either as individual citizens or through their MPs…particularly given how aggressive the KRA has become about collecting taxes…where is it going. As Whispering Inn points out, it’s a bit foolhardy to be indignant about dog food offers when your government is spending Kshs 800 million on luxury cars (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, who knows what’s going on in travel, allowances, cell phone bills etc.)

Finally, now that Githongo’s dossier is all over the “internets” and now that he’s probably exposed himself even further, si he just unleashes EVERYTHING he knows? OK, maybe just a few more leaks…it’s not just about the characters involved, I think it’s important to expose just how the systems work and just how entrenched the networks are.

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