One for the Thumb!

What a game! I can’t wipe the smile off my face… Wish I could be there for the parade and all the Sah-side (South Side) bashes.

Whispering Inn, kula hiyo :-)

5 comments to One for the Thumb!

  • *Very grudgingly* Congratulations!
    Did you see the outrageous calls the refs made? :shock: Those zebras stole the game for the St.. Stee… SteAlers … whatever their name is.
    I am soooooooo not gloating.

    A win is a win is a win! Fact is the Seahawks didn’t show up.

  • kinyonga

    The game was fixed, no doubt about that.
    chicago crime family.

  • The highlight of game was the fedex commercial. As for the game, and inquiry into the dropped passes by “hawks” wide receivers should be initiated:twisted:

  • Irena

    Ati southside bashes, maybe the Shady side + Mt washington not to forget the Point!!! Steelers yeah!!! The terrible towel finally flew in the air Fifth time!!!

  • Congratulations (unreservedly)!

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