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Upcoming Kenyan budget

For the policy wonks, all you ever wanted to know about the 2006/2007 budget (includes links for non-wonks as well). AOB: What kind of rubbish reporting is this? To think that the parliament press passes are wasted on these guys.

My stable

Inspired by Bankelele.

I’m a buy and hold kinda person and unfortunately when I was buying these stocks I was a broke-ass chick who had just discovered this thing could the stock market (nothing much has changed, I’m still broke-ass) and I couldn’t invest as much as I wanted other than this small ka-stash I’d […]

Referendum doze etc.

* The views that follow are my personal views and do not reflect those of the KNCHR.

Just when I have so much to blog about, there is no time to blog. As I said a few days ago, I’m at the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights for the next few weeks monitoring […]