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Upcoming Kenyan budget

For the policy wonks, all you ever wanted to know about the 2006/2007 budget (includes links for non-wonks as well).

: What kind of rubbish reporting is this? To think that the parliament press passes are wasted on these guys.

8 comments to Upcoming Kenyan budget

  • maitha

    that nation report reads like a class 4 composition titled where I live .

  • Part of our media’s charm is their ability to use the words “posh,” “elite,” “leafy suburb,” “who’s who,” and “place to be seen” in every single issue.

    The “rubbish” has a long and glorious history.

  • The read would have been much better written had it had propaganda all over it. Information and relevant news… bah! why waste good writing on that? How many daily subscribers really read it anyway?

  • Sarah

    Paparazzi kenya style, what of the article ,”Bel Air of kenya” the most amazing thing was how the issue of the student of upper school has been forgotten. I want to throw that challenge to you Ory. What needs to happem beore those 5 culprits are brought to justice. I for one I want those students expelled and thats just a start!!!!!

  • In the same vein, here’s another one.

    Anon’s link above points to an article which while very informative lacks structure making it seem like a heap of disjointed ideas. Mrs Gitonga back at HHS would have whipped me senseless had a produced an essay like any of these in English class back in my primary school days.

    – Steve

  • Amused

    Sounds like free advertising or a way to get some developer some free advertising. I would not be surprised if those articles turn out to be popular. In the US of the 30’s the movie industry made a ton of money in escapist, somewhat sloppy movies, it was a great escape for many.

  • Ory am really proud of the job your doing in mzalendo and your comment on the fact that the kenyan young people will take upleadership in the near future is really the ground thing.Its really suprising to have parliamentarians who are so stingy to the point of witholding their resumes from the same public that they expect to vote them in come the general election.Keep it up