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On Sandaks

This post at Cock and Bull Stories took me back to my Sandak days.

I was into Sandaks like a problem. Like Ken writes Sandaks made shoes affordable for the masses. Before Sandaks convincing your parents to shell out chums for non-essential shoes (i.e. either school shoes or the obligatory Sunday-best shoes) was a problem. Enter Sandaks and you could even get the same pair of shoes in different colors. Your feet burning in plastic and all be damned.

I managed to pull the coups of all coups by convincing my mum to buy me a pair of “top of the line” Sandaks for school. Big feat because Sandaks were “banned” in my primo. My classmates were uber-impressed. A few days later, I proceeded to lose one of the shoes in a river that bordered the school while playing a stupid game ati whose shoes can fly the furthest (story for another day). Without even blinking my mum made me go to school with one shoe the next day (ili iwe funzo).

So do you have any Sandak stories?

17 comments to On Sandaks

  • AK

    Last december when I was home, my little sister brought up the Sandak story. I had some two cool pairs , one white and open and a pink closed one. She said her and the younger ones thought I was so sophisticated.
    Sandak and sophistication! now it sounds like a contradiction!

    anyone remember how much a pair cost? becos I don’t remember how I managed to afford two out of savings from my meagre, inconsistent allowance from my paros..

  • Ms K

    Heh heh I don’t remember my sandak story but your mum is a star! Ati she made you go with one? LOL

    And she wasn’t even playing, my mum is/was a ninja…she’s the best though

  • I dont have any sandak tales too but I am yearning for a pair of safari boots!

  • m

    LOL! One shoe? Priceless.

    I don’t have one of my own but i remember trying to fuse a pair of my arch-enemy (I forget her name) with the aid of a cigarette lighter.

  • i had a pair of purple ones with holes on the sides weh!

    I had the same ones in black!

  • I had a brown pair and a blue one.
    I want to be like your mum.:wink:

    Did you learn the lesson?

    I sure did, I feel sorry for my kids when they do come :-)

  • I don’t have any hilarious sandak tales to tell but tangu lini there were “top of the line” Sandaks ???. I thought sandaks were sandaks…ama is there a part of my childhood i skipped :mrgreen:

  • I missed out on the brand names too!!!:cry: My mum was simply nasty. I was never allowed to wear them! I begged for a pair almost every day but 😯 nada…I still crave them:roll: Were there more brand names?:oops:

  • Wn

    I remember the sandak/plastic shoe invasion coinciding with the army worm blight back in the ’80’s. The green muck all over the place -‘ army worm shoes’ too! – a brilliant marketing coup!

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