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Quick hits

Wizzy (leveraging locality) , neat program that allows wikipedia to be used offline in schools that can’t afford to be online all the time. Also check out their linux thin clients and the digital courier that allows “delayed surfing.”

– Black Stars shining on and off the pitch.

Blogging Africa’s World Cup (and yes I have World Cup fever).

AOB: It’s possible for a woman to enjoy soccer independently. Really. So all you folks who stumble upon me watching soccer with the guys 1) I’m enjoying myself tremendously for real so don’t woishee me; 2) No I did not discover soccer concurrently with some guy; 3) Yes, I actually do know what’s going on… in fact I was a soccer fan long before you could spell football and there are pictures in the Nation archives of mini-me in my Adidas track suit welcoming back the AFC Leopards from winning the East and Central Africa championship to prove it.

2 comments to Quick hits

  • wizzy looks nice , not only for the schools but for the some of us who dont have cheap and stable internet connections . this is something that the computer for schools project should look out for instead of just dumping computers in schools

  • That is cool! but lets not forget that internet explore can do the same thing for any internet pages. You can save and view the whole site offline using IE. I do that many times and it saves all the links required. Hope these teachers know that too.