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African fellows at Poptech

I’ve blogged about it several times, now you can watch or listen to the African fellows at Poptech (includes my attack on the interviewer :-)).

Recording of Poptech Panel

The recording of the Poptech panel featuring the African fellows including yours truly is now available here.


for being derelict. I’ve been battling a nasty cold that’s left me feeling completely lethargic while at the same time trying to absorb Poptech and take care of business. I guess flying from this to this can screw you up. Plus I had laryngitis (running my mouth too much at Poptech). All I can say […]

Poptech Day 3

– Neil Gershenfeld’s “unique laboratory investigates the relationship between the content of information and its physical representation, from molecular quantum computers to virtuosic musical instruments.” His Fab Labs project is really cool. The focus is on giving people tools to innovate rather than just giving them computers, wi-fi etc. Focus is on peer to peer […]

Poptech Day 2 Cont…

I’m seating by the fireplace at the inn (it’s freezing here, can’t wait to get back to t-shirt and sandals weather) where I am staying and getting ready to jump into bed with a good book. I’ll probably be asleep within minutes…I am tired, lots of stimulation and invigorating discussions and meeting new people and […]

Poptech Day 2 cont….

One of the featured speakers this afternoon is Ivan Marovic. “Ivan is one of the founding members of Otpor, the Serbian political student group. Ivan was an engineering student at Belgrade University and one of the student organizers who helped bring down Slobodan Milosovic. He was one of the most public of the organization’s members, […]

Poptech Day 2

Current session underway is “East meets West” featuring Oded Shenkar who is discussing the power struggle between the rise of China and the hold of America, and Rebecca Mackinnon who will discuss how the internet is changing China, and how China is changing the internet. As I am listening to Oded, it just occured to […]

Poptech Day 1 cont…

Session 4 starts off with Peter Diamandis speaking about private space exploration and the X Prize Competition. Some outcomes of the competition – it inspired 26 teams from seven nations, changed the paradigm that space was only for government, leveraged seed capital by 50-fold, brought about regulatory reform (he says that prizes are a great […]