African fellows at Poptech

I’ve blogged about it several times, now you can watch or listen to the African fellows at Poptech (includes my attack on the interviewer :-) ).

5 comments to African fellows at Poptech

  • Ld

    Hi, wow … good to see you! Been reading your blog for quite a while not knowing “who” writes it. Keep up the good work.

  • You and Eric Osiakwan look great, and what a good showing too!

  • okay, so what’s wrong with the PopTech folks? There’s no way to embed this video?

    Very interesting discussion though.

  • So I’m just mindingmy own business a few minutes ago( a lil past midnight) watching the Africa channel kama kawaida…and guess who pops up on my screen..You in Arusha on Mzalendo..good stuff there..cut to next screen..Baby KP aka Gabi aka pumpkin flashing her adorable smile..and you was just delicious.. So now, not only has she travelled far and wide,, she’s an international super star

  • las vegas bets…

    despair.toasts defined …

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