Stepping Down as Ushahidi Executive Director

It is almost 3 years to the day that I sent out a plea to Kenyan bloggers and techies to help me build what would become Ushahidi.

Since then it has been a crazy ride…from producing an incredible open source platform and working towards scale, to building and working with an incredibly talented team, to [...]

Resources on the RED Campaign

For those who were asking more resources on the RED Campaign (hat tip @shailjapatel for some of the links):

- Representations of African Women and AIDS in Bono’s Product Red

- Two of its major brands, Apple and Dell, are leading buyers of illegally mined cassiterite, copper, cobalt, tantalum, tin, from the DRC.

- It’s [...]

Glad I dodged that bullet

A reminder of how grim Biglaw life can be.

Though I’m not so sure I’m under less pressure nowadays as a social entrepreneur in the tech space…the pressure to keep up and stay informed is intense.

Blog find of the week: Al Jazeera Blogs

Al Jazeera TV is my first stop for wider and deeper coverage of international news on TV, especially when it comes to Africa. I think I can safely argue that no mainstream international news channel is covering Africa the way Al Jazeera is today (an aside: I think CNN’s Inside Africa is vastly improved).

So [...]

Does Parenting Make you Better at Work?

Interesting article in the NYTimes.

In my experience parenting has made me better at work…how so?

a lot more focused…no time to dilly-dally if you are managing a household with two kids under three; much better at seeing the bigger picture…kids give you perspective; better at multi-tasking (I’m mum, nurse, story-teller, cook, psychologist, arbitrator, negotiater, [...]

Quick Hits: Oct 7

- Can Cape Town become South Africa’s Silicon Valley (interesting debate in the comments as well)? And Nairobi for East Africa?

- Is it just me, or is gender-based sexual violence now a requisite part of political violence (not just war) in Africa?

- Cave-dwelling blogger hasn’t spent money in 9 years. Um. OK.

- [...]

Personal Maxims

Trying to get my blogging mojo back, and I have been spending quite a bit of time lately mentoring young students, and it occurred to me that as I’m settling into my 30s I’m developing a set of maxims that guide me…thought I’d share some of them.

- If you want to make something happen, [...]

Quick Hits (Lazy edition)

Lazy, because the links are largely lifted from stuff I put up on twitter [yep, twitter still sucking dry my blogging mojo - it's like color tv vs. black and white].

Anyway, on to the links:

- African Venture Capital Fellows: Program aimed at promoting venture capital in Africa by educating and training future [...]