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A Better Life Beckons In Africa

Story in the Washington Post about African immigrants moving back home after basically getting tired of the 24-7 hustle of life in the West and tired of worrying about the recession.

I’m definitely seeing this a lot with my friends / peers – you do give up luxuries and there are frustrations but you […]

Quick Hits (easy on a Sunday morning edition)

– Rafiki Kenya’s superb review on places to eat, chill, and general ku-jienjoy in Nairobi. I wish more bloggers would write positively about Nairobi – so much good there, still.

– New blogs I’ve discovered/I like: Musings of an Alien The Gay Kenyan

– For the mamas, especially new mamas (who Google everything tehehe), this […]

Feed & spam issues fixed

My feed issues should be resolved and you shouldn’t see any spam now on your mobile browser.

The blog had been hacked by spammers.

Thank you everyone who pointed out the errors.

Kenyan Pundit on Twitter

After months (years actually) of fighting it, I’ve succumbed and become an active tweep, twitterer, twit?.

It’s sort of like blogging in the early days. When it was simple and you didn’t have to over think it and worry about making your blog pretty etc.

If all goes well, I’ll be in Geneva […]

Amazing fellowship opportunities

In case you haven’t heard, both Poptech and TED have opened their fellowship application process for 2009.

Highly encourage you to apply.

I didn’t make it last year/this year because I was busy going forth and multiplying (hehe), but I should be there this year.

Quick Hits: March 10 2009

– Fake ODM takeover strategy that’s going around the interwebs via Wikileaks.

– No matter how bad things are getting in Kenya, I don’t miss Moi. Keguro reminds us why you shouldn’t either.

– The UNEP Humvee re-emerges. In Nairobi National Park no less.

– Txteagle – really cool service that is […]


Dambisa Moyo, author of “Dead Aid” is featured in the New York Times Magazine. I’m feeling her riff on celebrities and Africa (add Nicholas Kristoff to the gag list), though I must say we as Africans are not exactly helping our cause when we do things like steal maize meant for famine relief and have […]

Quick Hits

– Wherecamp Africa being held in Nairobi on April 4th.

– Kenyan religious leaders get their act together and tell it like it is. This is not an insignificant move, given how much influence religion/ religious leaders carry in Kenyan society. One only wishes they (the leaders) could have shown such sense in the […]