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Quick Hits (easy on a Sunday morning edition)

– Rafiki Kenya’s superb review on places to eat, chill, and general ku-jienjoy in Nairobi. I wish more bloggers would write positively about Nairobi – so much good there, still.

– New blogs I’ve discovered/I like:
Musings of an Alien
The Gay Kenyan

– For the mamas, especially new mamas (who Google everything tehehe), this is a great resource.

4 comments to Quick Hits (easy on a Sunday morning edition)

  • I love you too Ory…thanks for the props. Oh the pressure! Performance anxiety issues now compounded. (fake, nervous lol…mmm)

  • Ory Okolloh

    I’m sure you have the ahem *balls* to step up to the pressure :-)

  • Thanks Ory for linking to my post, I feel honoured.

    Haha, Googling for new mamas… Do you have another one on his/her way?

  • Googling for mamas, evidence of how technology takes with one hand as it givest with another.