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Have Your Say…

In an ideal world, if Kenyan MPs were to embrace the use of technology, what kinds of things would you like to see?

9 comments to Have Your Say…

  • Milo

    Live tallying and reporting of election results from the poll station real time.

  • No more ‘typing errors.’

  • Milo

    Speed cameras, single ID with fingerprint linked to central database…

  • MPS tracking the use of CDF & of course budgetary use. Do you think Ushahidi can be used to track this? What i mean, is it possible to see the holes into which our taxes are sunk?

  • Calhoyle

    For transparency, access (by public) to govt records of funds allocation and results for projects for accountability.
    maybe (wishful thinking) this will scare the thugs. BTW thanks for a heads-up on the Michela Wrong book – am distributing it to as many pple as I can! Now if this could be distributed in high schools and Inst. of Higher learning hmmmm….

  • Fund allocation, salaries, expenses. All the things that should be transparent in the UK!

  • The MP’s take on the issues of the day. A diary of events they are taking part especially constituency-based.

    Won’t also be nice to see an MP’s candid take on his/her colleagues?

  • mbova

    Dear sir/madam,

    Its my concern as a kenyan citizen to find out that my constituency has not faired well with the fund and its a shame. It was my wish that this fund would have changed my fellow citizens to move out of poverty but we actually now been sinking to more and more poverty. My comment is that we should go back and agree that all the projects should follow the committees recommendations to avoid unnecessary projects being under taken and there fore the funds being suspended for failure to reflect the constituents needs at hand.

    Kitui south constituency.

  • I think you made some good points in your post.