Personal Maxims

Trying to get my blogging mojo back, and I have been spending quite a bit of time lately mentoring young students, and it occurred to me that as I’m settling into my 30s I’m developing a set of maxims that guide me…thought I’d share some of them.

- If you want to make something happen, I really believe in speaking it.  Over and over again.  No matter how long it takes to get there. Not just to yourself but to others.   It makes it real, it forces you to develop a practical game plan and you become accountable.

- The word no won’t kill you.  Learn to ask for what you want or go for what you want (women especially).

- On the flip said, learn to say no when it comes to things you don’t want.

- Lately I get asked about my work/family life balance or how I juggle.   I don’t balance and I don’t juggle.  Everything has to work around my family or it’s not happening.

- When you have children, remember that they are an addition to the family that is you and your partner – without this center the family is nothing…do not make your lives revolve around your kids.

- On the light side.  No kiddie CDs in my car.   Ever.  :-)

- If you don’t give back to your community/to society…it’s all meaningless.

4 comments to Personal Maxims

  • Irene

    “No kiddie CDs in my car.”’re kidding, right? Your kids must be super calm!

  • Ory Okolloh

    Nope, they’ve just learned to listen to radio and my music…the older one now complains when the music is off.

  • lilalia

    If you offer your children your music and your food it will be a blessing. There is no need to do it the other way around like many parents these days do: children CDs in the car, children’s menu at dinner time…

  • You have always been an inspiration Ory, you need to blog a little more than you are doing now…

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