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PopTech Day 1 cont…

As I listen and watch a hilarious presentation by Ze Frank, I am reminded of one of the things that has struck me since moving back to Kenya and during my travels within the continent – how narrow-minded people are as far the perceptions of what one person can do or should do…there’s an almost […]

Poptech Day 1 cont…

Session 2 is now underway. Here’s info on the session: We’ll look at the scientific race quietly underway to develop life, molecule by molecule, from scratch in a test-tube. Presenting are Norman Packard and Theo Jansen. Norman Packard is the CEO and co-founder of ProtoLife (www.protolife.net, which is trying to construct cells from non-living material. […]

Poptech Day 1

After a marathon day of traveling, I finally made it to Camden Maine. Small (cute!) little town. Will try and have some pictures up at some point. Had dinner with a couple of interesting folks last night including Zivanai Masango a musician from Zimbabwe who is now based in New York, David Gweyu, a former […]

Referendum posts interruptus

So I was supposed to do two more posts on the referendum – one on devolution and one on the youth…but that was before I forgot my FES cheatsheet at this place where i was do-ee-a-ring on the highspeed connection and then once I got the cheatsheet back and made it all the way to […]