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Referendum posts interruptus

So I was supposed to do two more posts on the referendum – one on devolution and one on the youth…but that was before I forgot my FES cheatsheet at this place where i was do-ee-a-ring on the highspeed connection and then once I got the cheatsheet back and made it all the way to the cybercafe, I realized that I didn’t have my flashdisk that had the commentary from the speakers….foiled again. Hopefully I should have them up in the next day or two.

Then there’s going to be a live TV and radio debate on the referendum that promises to be both substantive (Ok we hope) and hot I was itching to live blog, but I have a flight to catch later on tonight and I am not sure how much of it I’ll be able to catch. My mum has generously made the services of her little ka-handheld radio available so that i don’t miss anything on the way to the airport so hopefully I will be able to blog most of the debate. Those of you who listen to the radio online shouldn’t miss it…if anything it signals some progression in Kenyan politics and in the media’s role of keeping the public informed. On the “No” side will be Mutula Kilonzo, Anyang’ Nyong’o, and Chris Okemo. On the “Yes” side will be Raphael Tuju, Paul Muite and Mukhisa Kituyi. I was having dinner at my aunt’s place last night and the general consensus was that the “No” lineup sounded “more impressive.” We’ll see how that pans out (the “No” ground campaign is definitely the one that’s on a roll).

So where am I off to? To Camden, Maine for this year’s Poptech Conference. I will be attending as one of the twelve Sun Pan-African fellows. I am super-excited to be attending the conference, looking forward to meeting with the other fellows (including Ndesanjo of Jikomboe), hope to return with some concrete ideas/projects, and will try not to be over-geeked (gawked?) out while I am there.

5 comments to Referendum posts interruptus

  • bankelele

    safe trip: I don’t put much stock in the debate since they are all “moderates” – we want to hear from the radicals, who are on the campaign trail and perhaps even see Raila & Kibaki debate face-to-face.

    Also it is shocking that Wako has not been interviewed since his document started all this madness.

  • snk

    FYI: Sorry its a little lengthy

    Africa Source II – Free and Open Source Software for Local Communities
    Kalangala, Uganda – Jan 08-Jan 15, 2006

    Please note that the deadline for sending in applications has been extended
    until October 24th, 2005.

    We welcome applications from those working in Africa who are;
    – campaigners, practitioners or project managers working within non-profits and
    interested in technology
    – system administrators within NGOs, or acting as technical support to
    non-profits or community centres
    – trainers and consultants to the non-profit sector, or those working in
    resource centres who are interested in technology

    What is Africa Source II?
    Africa Source II will be an eight day hands-on workshop aimed at building the
    technical skills of those working with and within NGOs on the continent. It
    will take place in one of the most beautiful parts of the Kalangala Island on
    Victoria Lake during the beginning of January 2006.

    Africa Source II will focus on how technology, in particular Free and Open
    Source Software (FOSS) can be integrated into the project work of NGO’s. Over a
    hundred NGO Support Professionals and NGO Staff working at the local level
    across the region are expected at this meeting. Together with a handful of
    field leaders from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia, they will explore
    how technology can best serve the non-profit sector in Africa both in terms of
    access and content.

    What will happen there?
    There will be a range of sessions for participants to take part in, they will

    * How to help NGO’s plan and implement FOSS applications in order to increase
    their capacity
    * How to use FOSS applications to handle information, publish content using
    citizen’s media tools and engage supporters
    * How FOSS can increase accessibility through localisation, translation into
    local language and dialects

    During these sessions participants will get an opportunity to learn from peers
    about how technology has impacted their work through case studies and skill
    shares. The workshops will be lead by a range of facilitators from the region
    with strong experience in deploying free and open source solutions and of
    working in the non-profit sector, as well as a number of experienced NGO
    practitioners. They will be joined by a handful of international field leaders
    from specific fields, such as community radio, alternative access solutions and
    the use of mobile phones for NGO work.

    The camp will focus on learning by doing, rather than by listening. We aim for a
    “workshop vibe” as opposed to a “conference vibe”; participants will be hosted
    at an Island location, with shared housing. The agenda of the event is very
    hands-on and intensive, with an emphasis on active participation over passive
    learning. Like other source events, Africa Source II will be intentionally
    designed to foster community building, this creates an atmosphere conducive to
    learning, but more importantly is essential if longer term relationships are to
    be built.

    Building on the previous Africa Source event (Namibia, March 2004), which
    brought together African FOSS developers working in the social sector, Africa
    Source II will in contrast work at a different level, concentrating on bringing
    together those working with NGOs and technology at the practitioner and
    intermediary level. Participants should have experience working with computers
    and the internet and a project or initiative planned in the future
    incorporating technology for the non-profit sector. They do not, however, have
    to be technical experts.

    Besides new ideas, skills and contacts that participants will gain, they will
    also leave the workshop equipped with an event specific version of
    NGO-in-a-box, a toolkit of FOSS and materials specific to the NGO sector.

    Who is organising Africa Source II?
    The Association for Progressive Communication APC (regional network), Fantsuam
    Foundation (Nigeria), Schoolnet Africa (regional network), Translate.org.za,
    WOUGNET (Uganda), Creative Commons South Africa, Aspiration (US) and The
    Tactical Technology Collective (the Netherlands) will collaborate to organise
    the content of the workshop and to build strong relationships between the
    participants. The project partners are committed to examining the challenges of
    implementing FOSS in the African context, stretching its potential to fit the
    needs on the ground, and building local capacities to realise this. Our local
    partners and hosts are the East African Center for Open Source (EACOSS), Linux
    Solutions and WOUGNET.

    Previous source events have taken place in Croatia – September 2003, Namibia –
    March 2004, India – February 2005, and Tajikistan October 2005. In 2006 an
    event will be held in the Middle East.

    How can I apply?
    For more information please visit http://www.tacticaltech.org/africasource2

    Applications will be invited between September and November 2005. This is a
    competitive process and participants will be selected by the Advisory Group
    based on their potential to use the skills they gain, their interests and the
    experiences they can bring to the event. There will be a small registration fee
    for the event. A limited number of travel and registration fee scholarships are
    available and may be applied for on application. If you would like to receive
    an application form or have any questions please write to

  • Alejandro Snr.

    Who was moderating the debate? Still can’t get my head arond the notion of Kenyan politicians having informed debate.

    Rose Kimotho, MD of Citizen/Kameme FM. She didn’t have the gravitas to control the panel though/manage the debate and was a bit biased.

  • I have found that buying tickets online actually save me a lot of money.

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