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PopTech Day 1 cont…

As I listen and watch a hilarious presentation by Ze Frank, I am reminded of one of the things that has struck me since moving back to Kenya and during my travels within the continent – how narrow-minded people are as far the perceptions of what one person can do or should do…there’s an almost impulsive need to pin you into one box or another (especially as far as employment goes) and God-forbid if you have more than one expressed interest. It’s left me floundering a bit as I try and find people who can relate to my “eclecticness” and who see it as a plus rather than a symptom of still not knowing what I want to do when I grow up. It’s one of the (few) things I miss about the U.S., the ability to reinvent yourself constantly and to explore the path less traveled without being (heavily) penalized.

2 comments to PopTech Day 1 cont…

  • owukori

    I think this applies to everywhere in the West – the freedom to be what you want and knowing that nothing has to be fixed, we can move in and out of identities and alliances as it appropriate or necessary. Enjoy

    Thanks!Having this ability is very important to me and it’s going to be a challenge to figure out how to maintain that in Africa.

  • JKE

    Atangaye sana na jua, hujua. 😉