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My stable

Inspired by Bankelele.

I’m a buy and hold kinda person and unfortunately when I was buying these stocks I was a broke-ass chick who had just discovered this thing could the stock market (nothing much has changed, I’m still broke-ass) and I couldn’t invest as much as I wanted other than this small ka-stash I’d managed to save. At the time everyone thought I was crazy to be buying stocks in Kenya. This was circa 1996-1997 when all indications were that the Kenyan economy was permanently destined for the toilet. Told y’all I am an optimist about the place :-)

1. Kenya Breweries (bought at Kshs 50, when all else fails Kenyans will drink, this was the time when Castle was coming into Kenya big time and people thought it was over for KBL, my broker at the time tried to talk me out of this one…I asked him whether Coke collapsed just because Pepsi showed up…I had the last laugh on this one, especially after the stock split)

2. Kenya Airways (my last purchase at Kshs 7.00, it was the cheapest stock on the exchange and all I could afford)

3. B.A.T (bought at Kshs 45…what can I say, I believe in the power of vice)

4. Stanchart (bought at Kshs 55, I think)

5. Barclays (bought at Kshs 90 and Kshs 120, the most expensive share in my portfolio at the time…they give healthy dividend shares and I’ve been very happy with them since my shares have almost doubled without me doing a thing)

6. East African Portland Cement (used to be the dog in my portfolio for the longest time, I had wanted to buy it at Kshs 15, but my broker dilly-dallyed and I ended up buying at Kshs 22, I was so pissed off at him for buying at more than fifteen bob…but now that the price has hit kshs 122, I ain’t mad no more :-))

Shoulda bought KCB, was at 30 bob for the longest but you couldn’t convince me that the government influenced loans weren’t going to sink it…great comeback story.

9 comments to My stable

  • bankelele

    Am touched, and you’re a pretty good investor too! :mrgreen:

  • Its great that you (and Bankelele) have posts about stuff like this. I am of the opinion that Kenyans have too long been obsessed with land and building something. We really need to get past that and think about stock portfolios, mutual funds and other financial instruments as investment vehicles.

    I remember a relative who bought Total shares at about Kshs 37 and sold the shares for about $210 maybe 3 years later. This was way back in the mid 90’s though. She was laughing all the way to the bank. Pity she put a significant amount of her profits into KQ at about Kshs 14 and did not get any movement for a long time . Even worse was that this was over the expansion period when they were not paying very good dividends.

    I, on the other hand, am afraid of the market, I have some money in a very stable mutual funds and dread playing with it personally.

  • I am forced to sing “Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done,…”

    You are a pretty good investor Ory. At that time i was in Std 8, Form 1

  • Ory, all I can say is that I am pretty impressed – moreso since I need to hang out with Bankelele to find out about investing in stocks and shares in Kenya.
    Good on you

  • That is what i keep telling people, there is the potential to make good money back home in investments. Just make sure you got a good financial advisor or broker. You go gal am impressed hope we all could think like that. Atleast them damn politicians are not that close to ruining your investment as they have ruined the rest of the country

  • DAmn it woman…now u must be laughin all the way to the stock exchange

    im now gettin into this…it kengen and scanad….i guess with time no regrets

  • Tu

    Bought some of what u had in your portfolio. But lacked the GUTS not Finance to do more.

  • Robert


    I hope you are still holding those stocks. That is the way to invest buy and hold. Add progressively to yourportfolio and only sell when the underlying business goes South.

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