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Quick hits

Apologies for the blogging infrequency – combination of numerous deadlines and mindblock….

On to the link-a-rama.

– Parliament resumes tomorrow sans website, they can learn a thing or two from the Constituency Development Fund website which is rather impressive as far as Kenyan government websites go.
– I keep saying it takes two to tango (Sir Clay, where art thou?).

– Why move back home? This sums it up.

– One of the better analysis on corruption in Africa that I’ve seen in a long time (once you ignore some of the cliched writing). His book should make for interesting reading. One line I like in particular, “The problem is that Cameroon, like other poor countries, is a topsy-turvy place where it’s in most people’s interest to take actions that directly or indirectly damage everyone else.” This describes my experience with trying to get projects up and running in Kenya, everybody you need assistance from wants to know what’s in it for them. Hat tip Jewels in the Jungle.

– The African Digerati (term coined by Hash) is making things happen. First, Hash’s Africa Network/Zangu is a brilliant idea. Kudos to him and to everyone who has given their input. Then Jikomboe and Maitha on the possibility of blogging via cellphones in Africa (in Swahili).

– kwani? Open Mic @ Club Soundd featuring GITHUKU MWANGI winner of Kenya’s first Poetry Slam. Tuesday 4th April 2006 7 pm Club Soundd Hamilton House Kaunda Street. Entry 50 bob.

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