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Congregation of Fools

I’m not sure how else to characterize the current Parliament.

No wonder we have such an escapist President…who would want to deal with such imbeciles?

Oh gosh, I guess I was about due for a rant.

Here we go…
So Parliament resumed yesterday.

And it didn’t take long for the tragedy that is Kenyan politics to manifest itself in all its glory.

Where do we start?

“Parliament got off to a stormy start that saw the Opposition pull out of the most important committee of the House at the end of a bitter dispute on Wednesday.”

Which means we have to spend the rest of the year listening to the Opposition whining about being left out of the decision-making process and threatening to shut down government business. The fact that virtually no government business has been conducted by Parliament since 2003, makes me wonder why the Opposition is acting like this was such a deal-breaker issue. Unless I’m missing something, the previous 11-9 configuration that they are now up in arms about did not fundamentally change their collective ability to do much more than draw a paycheck every month and hold political rallies. Can the Opposition even point to one instance when they pushed an agenda had a positive impact on Kenyans since 2003? Let’s see…we can have no meaningful parliamentary proceedings OR no meaningful parliamentary proceedings. Brilliant!

“The Government was also forced to drop Trade minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi in favour of Public Service minister Moses Akaranga after a section of Ford-Kenya-allied MPs protested at what they saw as skewed nomination within the party. They complained that all the three MPs from the party — Local Government minister Musikari Kombo, Kituyi and Assistant minister Moses Wetangula hailed from Bungoma District.”

I have no words. OK maybe I do. Yaani it’s not even tribal, we are now at a district level? But that’s an easy target. Wasn’t the nomination list presented by Ford-Kenya itself? Why couldn’t this issue have been sorted out in the FIVE month recess that these guys have had?

“Planning minister Henry Obwocha of Ford-People said his party was entitled to its own slot on the committee. “Ford People is not dead. Some party members are still in the Opposition, like Magara,” said Obwocha.”

I am just fascinated with the way that the MPs acting as if party-politics in Kenya is based on ideology. That’s the only way that this brouhaha can be justified. Can anyone tell me what Ford-People stands for? Ford-Kenya? ODM?

While saying he would remain a Narc member until 2007, Raila added that the composition of committees must be decided by the various parliamentary groups.

And as Kaparo confirms “the political parties represented in Parliament as Narc, Kanu, Ford-People, Safina, Sisi Kwa Sisi and Ford Asili.” There is no LDP or Orange as far is Parliament is concerned. So I’m not really sure what Raila’s story is. He didn’t object to Kamotho’s name being offered as part of the opposition, but wants to question Ford-P’s role in the government side. You can’t have it both ways. The only people who should be having a beef are maybe Kanu and Ford-People guys. Then when Kaparo offered a compromise: “In the afternoon, Kaparo ruled that Kanu deserved an extra slot that had hitherto been surrendered to the Ford-P, as the latter had since been co-opted to the Government of National Unity. But both sides dug into their heels, forcing physical votes.”

So the opposition has resigned from the committee en masse. I fail to understand what point they are trying to make since paralyzing parliament is not exactly a vote-winning tactic. Negotiation does not equal weakness and going from some influence to zero influence is not a victory. All the ODM have done is show that they have the ability to make things difficult for the government. What a revelation!

Rant over.

AOB: Kaparo’s opening speech was pretty good, BUT forget the expensive renovations for people who hardly show up anyway. Give us the website, attendance records and the hansard online.

11 comments to Congregation of Fools

  • An apt title. They will fight for committe places and then fail to fulfill the committee work. Where do we even begin with these ones. We need the parliament watch website.

  • bankelele

    Hear hear! Would like to see the Hansard, attendanace, daily-recap, calendar and especially parliamentary bills online so we too can read and understand what is going on.

    As for the renovations, what was so hard about putting in a video camera in the chamber? Look how easy it is to capture weddings on camera!

  • I’m convinced those idiots in parliament are competeing for atop secret prize in a game called “beyond stupidity”. I think I’ll take a brief hiatus from reading the news just to get away from all of them.

  • “Negotiation does not equal weakness and going from some influence to zero influence is not a victory”

    That sums it up for me!

  • m

    Rant on sister!

    Sometimes I wonder whether to laugh or cry when i watch these clowns! Just what are they hoping to achieve when they no longer have a say in anything?!

  • When the 9th parliament is over , we will gladly clap and yell “Good Riddance”.
    It had to be. Funnily enough, this is the parliament with the most schooled guys so i wonder what really happened.

    You can fool people but you cant fool the same people all the time.

  • lol @mimz “beyond stupidity”

  • jonny

    while we are on the subject of MP’s – i think a law need to be passed to stop MP’s from holding other offices or holding positions of profit. i mean doesnt it corrupt or interfere with the system whe you have one MP representing another MP or someone else in a criminal case. i mean of you hav a case where its tjhe people ie (GOK )vs mullei who is represented by mutula kilonzo -who is an MP and who is supposed to represnet the people i mean this is convoluted at the least and corrupt at the most

  • You could have knocked me over with a feather!
    The gullibility and predisposition of Kenyans to be “shocked” by the antics of their moronic MP’s is, for me, to be marveled at.
    MPs have done the same kabuki dances so frequently that I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if they did anything different!
    That Kenyans will vote for the same folks in ’07 is shocking, NOT!

  • Marcela Onyango

    First of all i would like to thank you for your posting, stuff like this is invaluable to me since i live abroad and my parents refuse to let me come back home.
    Well I was slightly amused but mostly gracious that somebody else has noticed that kenyang parties are completely based on “politics” instead of ideology. When was the last time a party campaigned on the basis of increasing welfare, improving education etc. I completely agree with your analysis on this issue simply because i think our people have suffered enough under a government that does not care about their welfare but about staying in power. please continue blogging information about our country and feel free to email me any new information about what is going on because it’s quite difficult to stay on board since i’m so far away from home.

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